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Is Beat Making And Selling Over Saturated?

The music industry looks very different from what it looked like 30 years ago. The landscape has completely shifted and will continue to do so over the coming years.

Beat makers and producers have been brought into the lime light and are no longer the unknown guys behind the music.

With the rise in beat makers especially online, one may wonder whether beat making is an over saturated industry or not.

Beat making and selling is not over saturated at all, but it is highly competitive especially now that almost anyone can purchase a Digital Audio Workstation, pick up a few skills and be well on their way to becoming a beat maker. The volume of beats online is massive but it doesn’t mean every beat maker out there is selling their product. This industry is only saturated for those that can’t bring something different to offer.

There are a variety of reasons why people consider the beat making industry over saturated and this post will explain some of those details.

Why the beat making industry may be considered over saturated

Too many beat makers

The competition in the beat making industry is quite high because there’s just too many people making beats.

This is very true because the internet is basically flooded with beats from different producers, from different countries all looking to push their products.

Too many beats

Continuing on from the previous point, we can easily say there’s too many beats out there.

With limited clientele, you need a good product that people actually want. This is why this business is pretty competitive.

You have to be able to produce high quality  content that can resonate with possible clients otherwise it will difficult for you to make any sale.

Most forums online discussing this topic have brought up this point over and over and they are absolutely right.

Same sales tactics

The internet being the most effective tool to distribute and sell beats has made producers subscribe to the same sales tactics which puts every beat maker in the same box.

Most YouTube beat makers use the “type beat” tactic to sell their beats and it is the most widely use way of beat promotion.

Everyone utilizing the same tactic in business environment will lead to high competition and will make it even more difficult for new entrants to thrive because it will be hard for them to be heard.

Low Demand high supply

Low demand due to the fact that the client base of people that want beats is much smaller than the amount of beats available online today.

This greatly diminishes the price of beats and makes competition even stiffer because everyone is basically fighting for the same spot.

Therefore competition is bound to be part of this industry.

Why the beat making business is not necessarily saturated

The internet is getting better

In as much as the supply of beats is high, the landscape of online business is improving and growing.

Internet based businesses are subject to a constantly changing environment that can work well and be an advantage for people selling their services online.

This unique feature makes beat making an industry that you should get into if you’re really passionate about the craft.

You’re unique

In any sort of business, the customer base will be segmented in accordance with various customer needs.

Your ability to make beats the way that you do makes you particularly unique.

This is why you have to develop a signature sound or try to sound a lot like yourself and not like everyone else.

Your ability to compete will depend on your ability to deliver something that is unique in it’s own right. That is what people will want to buy and is something that can put you in a better advantage to compete against others.

Music is ever evolving

Another reason why I say beat making is not saturated is for the fact that music is an ever evolving landscape.

Beat styles are getting phased off day by day due to the evolving nature of music.

This provides an opening for beat makers that can manage to adapt quickly and catch up with the prevailing trend at the time.

This aspect of music makes it a good environment for people that looking to sell beats online.


Theres no denying the fact that there’s a lot of competition in beat making but a well crafted approach can help you navigate through this industry.

Is Beat Making And Selling Over Saturated?
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