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Is FL Studio Good For Mixing Vocals?

FL Studio is a Digital Audio Workstation popularly used as a beat making tool. It has an easy to use interface that has made it the go-to choice for most beginners that choose to get into music production.

As far as mixing vocals goes, FL Studio has all the necessary tools that allow any producer with some knowledge of its use to fully produce, mix and master music. Most people choose to use other DAW’s such as pro-tools because of their extended hardware integration, but this doesn’t take away from the fact that FL Studio allows for great functionality for every process of music production.

Why most people prefer to mix with FL Studio

It is Cheap

Most producers prefer FL for music production because it fairly priced and comes equipped with all the necessary tools required for this kind of work.

Other DAWs are expensive and usually work on a subscription basis which most producers deem as expensive.

Furthermore, FL studio is an all-in-one suite that gives the user the ability to make beats, record, mix and master. This is bargain for somebody that is working with a tight budget.

User friendly interface

FL Studio is highly commendable for it’s easy to use interface that is often spoken of as beginner friendly.

Most DAWs are quite complex to use and require serious tutorials to learn them.

With FL Studio, the workflow is significantly beginner friendly and YouTube has a lot of tutorial content from various industry professionals that can help anybody quickly learn and adapt.

This provides a great advantage for anyone that is interested in learning more about the use of FL Studio.

Mixer interface

The mixer interface that comes with FL Studio is easy to use compared to other digital audio Workstations, this prompts many to use it because it makes their job that much easier.

But then again, this is matter of preference, while others may easily adapt to the use of the FL Mixer, others may find it complicated.

however the user-friendly features of FL studio is what gives it, its ultimate power.

Why people may choose not to mix in FL Studio

While FL Studio may be a great software DAW, it has some disadvantages that most producers speak about when they are asked whether it’s a good DAW to make music in or not.

Let’s look at the most reoccurring ones.

You need to invest in plugins

The stock plugins that come with FL Studio can work well for mixing but only to a certain extent. Which means third party plugins have to be outsourced in order to bridge the gap.

Most mixing plugins can be quite pricey and this can be a disadvantage to somebody that is working with a small budget.

Other DAW’s such as pro-tools are basically known to have plugins of higher quality because they’re primarily meant for vocal and instrument processing, therefore most producers choose to go with different DAW’s to avoid the hassle of having to looking for mixing plugins.

Tedious to work in

Some find FL Studio to be a very tedious DAW to work in especially in situations where singing with a lot of harmonies is recorded.

It would be achieve to handle all the mixing necessary but it would be a tard bit inconvenient. Going for a multi track DAW in my opinion can be a better option and it also serves you right because it can ensure that you practice in a different DAW with different functionality.


Another complaint that is associated with mixing in FL Studio is the use of automations.

I for one too has found automation’s to be quite cumbersome when handling complex projects with a lot of individual tracks that have to be blended to make a complete track.

With a DAW like cubase you could easily record an automaton in real time but with FL it is a much more complicated process.

This makes it very difficult for someone looking to finished up a project quickly.

The conclusion can simply be stated as FL Is not great for certain genres like RnB. It can work well with genres like hiphop because there’s a lot less technicality to deal with when mixing in these genres.


When it comes to determining whether a DAW is good enough or not, it almost always comes down to user preference because it’s what matters the most.

FL is a complete DAW with full functionality for complete music production work.

The capacity of the user to comprehend it in their process will determine whether or not it is effective for them as a mixing tool.

I for one mostly use FL Studio for mastering because it is easier to handle when all the mixing is done and very little adjustments have to be made to make perfect for a final mix down of a master.

Is FL Studio Good For Mixing Vocals?

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