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Is It Okay To Use Drum Loops ?

Drum loops are a major part of music production and they more common now than ever.

For convenience, Using drum loops is very efficient when done the right way and it can make your work easier by saving you time and energy.

There is nothing wrong with using drum loops.

Sample pack creators have innovated and simplified the workflow of music

creation to make it easier for other content creators.

Beginners are also at an advantage because it is easier for them to get

started and use loops to their advantage.

It may be frowned upon in the music production community but the reality is

that it has certainly made things easier and will continue to do so for years to come.

Let’s get into the importance of drum loops in music production.

Time Convenient

Drum loops can be an effective way to quickly get started making beats and

they can save you a lot of time because all you have to is load them up and

start building melodies around them.

The normal route is coming up with melodies and then incorporating in

some drums to go with said melodies or the other way around.

Therefore drum loops give you convenience and cut your beat making time

and save you a lot of hustle,

especially in situations where you do not have good enough libraries of drum


Beginner friendly

Drum loops are well suited and can be very helpful to those that are just

getting started in music production.

Atleast you can get start creating melodies around your drum loops

without having to worrying about constructing your own drums from scratch.

This is one of the great benefits that I’ve found about drum loops.

With the vast available free sample packs online it is easy for you to pick up

some good drum loop packs and get started in creating your beats.

Learning Tool

Another great benefit of using drum loops is that they can be used as a

learning tool especially for beginners.

With a drum loop you can have a basic idea of how you should structure your

sounds and which sounds go well together.

This can be helpful because for a beginner it is pretty difficult to fully pick up

drum patterns within songs by ear because the person can easily get

immersed in the song, lose focus and fail to capture the movement of the

drum pattern.

In other cases the drum pattern may have subtle nuances, difficult for a beginner to hear and

attempt to recreate,

which would make it difficult for them to learn anything they can actually

apply in beat making.

Therefore good drum loops can give the user the ability and opportunity to

learn how exactly drum patterns should be created.

Sound better

Another not so subtle benefit of using drum loops is that they overall just

make your beats sound better.

A variety of sample curators online put an immense amount of effort in the

creation of drum loops to have them ready for the market and give the user

an industry standard edge,

this makes drum loops the way to go if you’re looking to make high quality

music that can compete with industry music.

YouTube has a variety of tutorials and remakes that give you a glimpse into

the samples used in the creation of songs.

This can give you great insight into which samples to look out for when

purchasing your drum sounds.

Cymatics is a great company that offers great value in sample packs and

they are one of the industry leading sample providers online.

They’ve invested a lot of time in creating high end industry sounds that are

used in most common everyday music.

which makes them a great resource for anyone trying to purchase some good sound packs.


In addition, drum loops give you good sounding quality,

they also allow you to be unique and stand out because most are

created to fit into the norm of industry standard sounds.

Convenient workflow

Drum loops allow for Convenient workflow because you can simply swap out

one for another quickly and be able to find the one that fits your particular record the best.


Audio drumloops allow you to basically stretch them to fit which ever tempo you wish to work with,

this makes them even much more Convinient to use.

The Downside to using Drumloops

While drum loops maybe an idea easy way to quickly implement drums into your music they do come with some disadvantages

  1. Audio drum loops don’t allow you to edit out the individual elements

separately which makes it difficult if you want to change something.

2. Drum loops in general are an exported wav file which means the engineer

that mixes them before export has no idea what you intend your mix to sound like.

3. Some premium drum loops can cost over 50 bucks which maybe a bit costly compared to using your own made drum patterns.


Using drum loops is good way to shorten the beat making time and they can overall improve your music.

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