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Is It Worth Learning To Make Beats?

Beat making has become a huge industry over the past few years.

We can partly credit this to the fact that it is pretty much easy to start learning how to make beats.

With this much ease of entry comes alot of questions.

With this article I’m focusing on one question that Most people looking to get into beat making usually ask me… which is whether its worth learning the craft or not.

This post will therefore discuss this in order to provide some context around the query as well as educate someone looking to get into beat making.

With that said, is it worth learning to make beats?

Learning how to make beats is worth it for somebody looking to try something new in the music space. It’s not an easy career of course but it can be lucrative for somebody passionate and adequately skilled to create something the industry needs.

Below are some things you have to take into consideration when looking to learn beat making.

Why you want to do it

If you’re wondering whether it’s worth it or not to learn beat making. You first have to determine why you want to do it in the first place.

If the reasons for wanting it are enough then the journey will make sense for you.

It’s all a matter of preference but the other most important thing is what I’ll discuss below.

What you want out of it

I’ve shortened the things you should consider into only 2 points because they pretty much sum up everything.

Why you want to do something is the motivation behind getting into it and will be reason you see it work all the way.

What you want out of something are the goals that you set for yourself.

These goals should determine whether it’s worth it for you or not.

There are a lot of different reasons why people get into beat making…some have a passion for music, some are looking to build a career.

These two motivations are obviously different and it’s important for you to find yours.

when you find your “why” it will be easier to determine whether it’s actually worth it or not to learn beat making.

Some advantages of beat making

Below are some advantages in the game of beat making…

Working from home

One advantage of learning how to make beats is that you can easily work from home.

It is one job that you can do remotely without having to move around a lot.

This is advantageous because it means you can sharpen your skill in the comfort of your own home without worrying about letting your clients down.

Can pay

Another great benefit of learning beat making as a skill is that it can pay.

If you can find clients that love the beats you create, you can easily get paid for your services.

Most producers and beat makers these days make a lot of money on YouTube just by simply posting their beats and attracting the right customer.

If you do the branding right and build a good customer base, you can make a good amount of money in this space.

Can connect you to new people

The beat making industry just like any other industry can easily connect you to people that can make your job 10 times easier.

There are a lot of veterans in the beat making/leasing/licensing business and they’ve got networks of people in the right places.

If you can connect with these veteran’s you can be assured access to a large network of people that you can work with.

Can improve your musical abilities

Beat making is certainly a skill for somebody with a passion for music.

I don’t think people get into such an industry without having some sort of passion for it.

With that said, learning how to make beats will improve your musical abilities.

If you’re somebody that has interest in the field, you’ll benefit the most.

Some disadvantages

We’ve discussed some advantages…let’s get into some disadvantages to take into consideration.

Not an easy career

Beat making is not an easy career and is filled with a lot of challenges.

To make it in this industry you need to push hard and keep pushing until you start to see your career take off.

Most people are not built for this kind of hustle.

Which is why it is very important to understand why you’re trying to break into this industry in the first place.

High fail rate

Most careers in music fail.

This high failure rate is one of the reasons why most people don’t think its a worth it career.

If you’re looking to get into beat making this is one thing you have to consider.

You have to be creative to make money

In any business that has a high number of players. Knowing how to make money comes down to the creativity in selling.

In the beat selling business you have to be both creative in the beats you sell and how you sell them.

Most beat sellers today are utilizing various sales tactics to push their product…

Selling is an art and not everyone possesses it. Therefore making money in this business may be a challenge.

This is one thing you have to be well aware of before you get into this industry.

Requires a lot of patience

In the business of music, patience is something you have to cultivate because the music business is slow.

Especially if you’re dealing with artists that are signed to record labels.

There’s usually a lot of red tape and a lot of management and administration to deal with. This may sometimes take a lot of time.

Sometimes records made with your beats will stay years without reaching the public, sometimes your beats will be recorded on and the music will not be put out.

This is one thing you have to understand and take into account before deciding on whether or not you should pursue this career.

Can be stressful

Beat making as a career is stressful. You have to constantly keep working and evolve your sound as the music evolves.

This is the only way you can stay relevant and keep producing beats that artists want.

Is It Worth Learning To Make Beats?
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