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Is Making Beats Hard?

Beat making has become such a trend these days and most people with some interest in music production are jumping on the wave.

You may be one of the people jumping on that wave and of course you’ll have many questions.

One of the questions I’ll address in this post is whether beat making is hard or not. I’ll walk you through the various things that you need to understand about this topic.

with that said, is making beats hard?

Making beats is not necessarily difficult but like any other skill, it requires a lot of practice and dedication to get good at.

Understanding music and knowing how to create it can take some time to grasp but you don’t really have to know everything about music theory to make good beats if you put in the time..

I’ll walk you through some of the basics that you need to understand about making beats and how you can go about learning the craft.

Why beat making can be learnt easily

If you’re not sure whether beat making is something you should pursue, below are some reasons why making beats can be easily learnt.

Passion driven skill

Making beats is not something that all ordinary people get into. Most people that get into this career are people that are passionate about music to a certain extent.

Passion is authentic desire which can make it easy for you to learn. If you’re somebody that genuinely likes music, beat making is something you’ll excel in because your passion will drive you and it will be the reason you get up when you see yourself fall.

Can be done digitally

Another reason why making beats is not as difficult as it is portrayed is for the simple fact that you don’t need a bunch of equipment to get started.

All you basically need are 3 things, so you don’t have to worry about breaking out the safe to get gear in order to learn beat making. of course you need some equipment but you don’t need a whole lot of it…

This is the reason why you can easily get into this career.

Information is everywhere

Another reason why making beats is much easier today as compared to the old days, is because information is literally everywhere.

You don’t have to worry about how you’re going to learn beat making.

As long as you have a phone that can access the Internet you literally have a large database of  information at your finger tips.

This is the beauty of picking up skills in this day and age. You don’t have to heavily rely on learning from somebody.

You can easily pick up a skill just by researching and knowing how to use resources available online.

What you need to make beats

Let’s get into the basic things you need in order to get started making beats.

A computer

You need a laptop or computer to make beats. You can start out with a basic laptop with basic specs but as you progress, it’s important to use a computer with the right specs.

Check out some good recommendations on RAM and CPU in this article.

If you already have a computer then you might want to hold off on upgrading it until you atleast learn how to make beats to some extent.


The second thing you need to get started in your journey as a beat maker is what is called a Digital Audio Workstation or DAW for short.

Simply put, a DAW is the software you’re going to be using to make beats from.

It’s a good idea to review a bunch of DAWs until you find one that you find to be the most useful to you.

A good recommendation I would make is to start with FL Studio.

FL Studio is the goto DAW for most beginners because of its user friendly nature.

It can be a great start for somebody looking to get into beat making.

Some decent speakers or headphones

Now that we’ve discussed the importance of having a computer and a Digital Audio Workstation to use when making beats ….Let’s get into the next piece of hardware you need.

To start making beats you need good speakers or a good pair of beat making headphones

If you’re going to go for Speaker’s then I’d advise you to go for Studio Monitors because they’re basically built for Audio production.

How to learn making beats

Making beats will essentially have to become something you begin to learn and understand in your own way.

I’m going to provide some tips below of how you can get started and progress in your journey as a music producer.

Get familiar with a DAW

One of the first things that you should be doing as a beginner beat maker is getting acquainted with a DAW.

You have to review a bunch of them but try and settle on one as quickly as you can because this will allow you to begin learning how to make beats much faster.

Listen to the beats you like

Getting started, you’ll want to listen to as much music as you can. Preferably music you like.

Because you’ll want to make music that you actually like….it’s much easier that way.

Start with remakes

Listening to the music that you like is essential and it should get you to attempting to remake the beats.

Remaking beats is an essential part of learning how to make beats so don’t overlook it.

Use YouTube as your teacher

YouTube is a great resource and tool to learn from…. it’s in your best interests to utilize it.

There are various YouTube music production channels that you can check out… I actually have an article about these channels here..

Practice like crazy

Practice is what makes perfect.

This may be something you have heard a million times and there’s a reason for this.

The more you practice, the better you become at beat making and the more you become acquainted with your DAW.

So, practice as much as you can.

Start learning piano theory when you get better

When you get better at making beats and much of the guess work is eliminated… you can then now begin slowly learning piano theory.

It’s important that you only begin doing this when you have a reasonable working understanding of beat making.

In the early stages of your beat making, just focus on getting better, practising and utilizing YouTube tutorials.

Practice composing melodies

Composing is an essential part of beat making. Once you get a good working understanding of piano theory begin learning how to come up with your compositions.

This will make you become better at making music.

At this stage, you’ll more than need to read this article.

Is Making Beats Hard?
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