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Is Pro Tools Worth It?

Pro Tools has been the industry standard Digital Audio Workstation as far back as the 90s.

Today Pro Tools is still regarded as one of the leading programs for Music Production, this is because AVID (the developer) created their DAW as a solution to music production problems that are frequently experienced. It is definitely worth every penny and a great DAW for producers at any level.

Back in the 90s Pro Tools was deemed an industry favourite because it made

music production a whole lot simpler and much more efficient.

They always sought feedback from audio engineers and producers and this

feedback influenced the way that Pro Tools has and was developed.

Even today they still utilize this strategy for development,

this in itself should be reason enough why its sought after and why it is worth every penny that it costs.

Features of Pro Tools (2021)

Pro Tools utilizes a two window interface that is pretty easy to use,

the main window allows you to access everything, plus the editing being

in-line makes it convenient without separate windows popping up


With this new version of pro tools, you’ll be dealing with an AAX plugin

architecture which greatly compensates for latency (Learn what is considered good latency).

Plus the 64bit engine allows you to work with large sessions because it is

memory efficient.

Furthermore, the track freeze and track commit functions allow you to work

on what’s important and freeze other things that you’re not utilizing.

You have 128 tracks plus uptown 32 channels that you can use


these tracks have a resolution of 44.1/48kHz.

Name field function

The new name field function will make it so you don’t get lost plus tracks are

pretty easy to locate with a scrolling function.

You can easily name tracks and clips in batches, and you should not worry

about losing overlapping tracks because you can easily work with layered

overlapping tracks.

plus the handy indicator will be quick to let you know if you start writing over

a clip, you can also tandem trim the beginning and ending of two clips at the

same time if the start and end points overlap.

More functionality in pro tools

The fade manipulation allows you to easily create crossfades, plus you’ll

experience no phase issues when mixing because it compensates for any

notable delays automatically.

Pro tools offers a variety of different plugin processors, effects and

instruments which are about 70, you can easily update your plugins and vsts

on your own.

Furthermore, the current format also includes midi sequencing and notation

with the availability of 1024 midi tracks!

The color coding of these midi tracks allows you to distinguish them from

regular audio easily,

you can also merge existing and new midi and you’re also able to automate

while you capture.

Plus the Avid Cloud Collaboration is designed to let you connect with other

pro tools users.

Pro tools supports a variety of formats and is uniquely compatible.

you get to use it forever by purchasing a perpetual license that comes with

updates and free access to customer service.


The functionality of pro tools is definitely outstanding.

This fully comprehensive DAW continues to set industry standards.

Pro Tools is definitely worth it and it is because of this that it is one of the best selling Digital Audio Workstations available on the market right now.

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Is Pro Tools Worth It?

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