Is Sound Engineering A Good Career?

Sound engineering is one of the most vital jobs in music production.

With all the intricacy involved in the creation of music, sound engineers play such an important role.

So, Is Sound Engineering a good career?

Sound engineering is a great career because it offers various career options in various fields such as music, motion picture, gaming etc. If you can learn and establish some credibility in sound engineering, that alone can allow you to work either as an independent contractor as well as a formal employee in certain organizations.

So, YES sound engineering is definitely a good career and its a wonderful time for aspirants to learn and pursue this career.

According to the US Labor statistics data, the average annual sound engineer salary has been on the rise since 1999. This is a good indication of an ever growing industry which makes sound engineering a stable lucrative career path for any one with the passion and heart to pursue it.

Sound Engineering Career Advantages:

1. Being a sound engineer offers you limitless options career-wise

Career options for sound engineers:

Studio engineer

The responsibilities of a studio/audio engineer include recording and processing audio to have it readily available for mass consumption.

Studio engineers may sometimes double as the producer and work with artists to record and make ensure that high quality audio is being captured.

They are also responsible for carrying out the mixing process using a variety of tools and equipment to have the record ready for release.


Assistant engineer

Assistant engineers are taken under the wing of a well seasoned sound engineer.

Their duties are usually bulky and they act as apprentices gathering as much information as they can to learn the trade.

Assistant engineers will handle the workload delegated to them by the studio engineer and they’ll spend most of their time in the studio,

they are usually the first to arrive and the last to leave.

Recording engineer

The role of a recording engineer is to basically set up all recording equipment;

in readiness for recording and to also handle all recording issues patterning to recording.

All duties that involve recording such as level setting, acoustical design, noise control and even things as basic as mic placement.

The goal of the recording engineer is to make the artists dreams come true by creating a good environment for them to record in,

help them record and then process their record into its final state.

If you are looking to get into recording engineer, here are a couple of ways you can MAKE MONEY WITH YOUR SKILLS.

Game Audio Engineer

A game audio engineer is responsible for handling all audio in a game.

They’ll be responsible for the effects, dialogue and music and any other audio associated with the game.

This is a very specific skill set that fits well into this niche.

Earning opportunities are quite high for somebody that is well orientated and experienced.

Mix engineer

A mix engineer is responsible for all blending or combining of pieces of audio and all sonic elements in all fields that require this expertise such as music, video games, film etc.

I cover how you can promote yourself as a mix engineer to get more clients in this article.

Mastering engineer

A mastering engineer is responsible for all duties that involve mastering and making the final product ready and whole.

Live sound engineer

A live sound engineer is responsible for all matters concerning live sound and will ensure that all matters concerning the live depiction of audio are of high quality.

These engineers will set up all the equipment and will test the live audio to ensure it’s up to standard and ready to fulfill the desired end.

Audio post engineer

Audio post engineers are found in television and movies, their responsibilities involve editing and mixing audio for motion picture.

You can get started in this career at a young age.

Being a sound engineer is a career that allows you to start at a young age because recruiters in this industry are always look for young people that can be molded to become in-house sound engineers.

Starting young can help you have a good understanding of the overall process and have access to privileges like studio time.

2. Sound engineering gives you problem solving skills

One of the by products of being in this industry is that you get to develop problem solving skills.

We live in times where we see technology advance so rapidly, sound engineers therefore are quick to adapt to these technologies and run with them.

The intricate nature of audio engineering combined with rapid growing tech

puts the engineer in a position will they have to evolve without sacrificing


This trait builds them into problem solvers that are able to react to change

and deal with complex processes.

3. Passion thrives in this industry

Sound engineering is a job that calls for long hours therefore people that

are passionate about this field will greatly thrive,

this is because sound engineers have to spend each and every day working on projects.

Somebody passionate about audio will benefit because they get to work on what they love.

4. Demand

Sound engineers are ever in demand because of the nature of their work.

With all the career possibilities discussed earlier in this post, it is easy to to

determine that demand for sound engineering skills is high.

Engineers that end up focusing and picking a niche within which they thrive

will be of greater advantage to find work.

Because those that Specialize will get rid of a lot of competition which

creates a shortage of supply of that skill set.

Being focused in one niche is a great idea because demand is always there

especially if you’re known for your high quality work.

4. Someone can be of help

After having acquired and gained a lot of experience, a sound engineer can hire on an assistant to help them handle some projects.

This automatically takes the workload off the engineer.

Such relief and freedom is another quality of taking up sound engineering as a career.

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