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Should I Buy Komplete 12?

Native Instruments are the leading manufacturers of too notch music software and hardware.

Komplete 12 is full scale digital instrument that can be used solely. It is a combination of different plugin instruments created to provide immense value and an arsenal of a variety of sounds, which makes worth every penny that it costs. You should definitely buy it.

A new edition called Komplete 13 is also a master piece but if you’re looking to save money and purchase Komplete 12,

that is no problem, it’s just as good.

Most of the time most music producers will ask themselves whether they need to buy software or not, half the time they can pass up on this.

but if you ultimately want to take your music production game to the next level, having Komplete 12 puts you in a peculiar position to do so.

this post will break down everything you need to know, I hope it convinces you to purchase this awesome product.

Komplete 12 Contents

Komplete 12 comes equipped with a variety of instruments and effects which allows for more freedom when it comes to production.



This instrument is a synth with some of the best basses and leads.

Massive is a high quality synth that is fine crafted in all respects,

as far as sound design goes this is one synth you’ll appreciate using because it won’t fall short.

As a word of warning, massive is highly tasking on the CPU.


As an advantage in comparison to massive, Monark runs moderately in terms of CPU usage.

It is a well-rounded analog synth that makes a great impression of the Minimoog.

A music producer is always looking for a synth that is easy to program and monark is such an easy tool to use and will serve as a great playground for sound designers.

It has crisp thick sounds that sound fat but this doesn’t disable its ability to create more delicate sounds like FX.

Ethereal Earth

Ethereal earth is well known for its atmospheric sounds that are simple and beautiful.

it can be used by both beginners and professional musicians.

The variety offered by ethereal earth gives the user access to an array of easy to use sounds without spending a lot of time in sound design,

which means it can allow you to work even faster without compromising quality.

This library has a focus on giving the user good sounds that require little to no tweaking,

But the macro controls will allow you to add your own twists and personal style to the sounds.

The Gentleman

The gentleman is a piano library that offers the user great and live style piano presets.

You’ll also find that the warmth of the piano adds great depth to the sounds.

The bass tones are so well designed,

they almost emulate an upright piano from the old days,

on the other hand you will discover the higher octaves tend to lose a little bit of bite and they tend to sound more percussive.

you’ll appreciate the decay that comes with the piano as it swells right after the key is released and then fades into resonance offering a great stereo aesthetic.

Reaktor Prism

The reactor prism is primarily a polyphonic synthesizer.

With sound design you’ll discover that Prism will give you excellent results for bell, percussive, metallic,wooden and stringed instruments.

Furthermore reactor prism is very useful in creating real life ambient sounds that are of high quality and depth.

Obviously you’ll have to learn the basics of sound design but experimentation can help you start creating.

Scarbee Mark 1

The Scarbee Mark 1 is a classic style electric piano that comes with on-board effects and adjustable instrument noise.

Thomas Skarbye is the creator of this library and instead of focusing on creating a variety of instruments, he focuses on creating one instrument giving it as much detail and depth as possible.

The scarbee is carefully crafted to sound just like the original,

which makes it a great library for jazz, funk, fusion and RnB.

Scarbee Rickenbacker Bass

The SRB is a great tool especially meant to capture the imagination of the user,

while providing ease of use and real pleasure that you would get from physical bass.

Plus the built in effects make it easy for the user to make tweaks that fit their style,

this means that you don’t have to go through the trouble of using external plug-ins to add effects to the bass which can save you time and a lot of processing power.

The SRB is carefully crafted and sampled with the highest quality that allows it to produce a variety of tones.

Retro Machines

The Retro Machines are basically a collection of 16 analog synthesizers and keyboards that are sampled in the finest form.

With Retro Machines you’ll notice that it features the most exotic sound that can be defined as having a retro Rnb feel which can be attributed to the 80s.

You’ll enjoy a quality interface that allows you to be in full control to tweak sounds to your liking, plus the arpeggiator and chord player will be very useful in melody and chord creation.

Vintage Organs

The vintage organs have a high quality retro feel to them, which makes them a modern classic.

These organs are recorded in the highest possible quality to give the user a rich sound that boasts of originality.

The organs found in the Vintage organs include; Hammond B-3, Hammond C-3, Hammond M-3, Vox Continental II and the Farfisa Compact.

Discover Series West Africa

This instrument centres around west African sounds that are recorded with the highest quality.

It is a very useful tool esopecially in film scoring, contemporary and club music.


Komplete 12 is one of the best additions to your library that you could ever make, it is a high quality library that will give you access to a variety of instruments.

Purchase it using this LINK

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Should I Buy Komplete 12?

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