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Should I Use BeatStars Or Make My Own Website?

BeatStars is an online beat selling platforms that allows beat makers to upload their beats and be able to sell it.

One question that gets asked a lot is whether creating a website is better than using Beatstars as a platform to sell music on.

If you’re a beginner with very little marketing experience, you’re better off using BeatStars because you’ll deal with a lot less technical stuff. On the other hand If you’re experienced with marketing and have some basic website building knowledge I’d advise you to create your own website because it can help you build a targeted audience that is unique to the service delivery that you have to offer and can help you offer more products which can allow you to diversify your portfolio.

Advantages Of Using BeatStars

Established brand

Beatstars is an established brand with years under its belt. This makes it a great place for someone looking to put their product in front of many eyes fast.

If you can get established on BeatStars using various marketing strategies you can easily make money and have clients that can continue to come to you.

Less technical

Dealing with BeatStars is less technical compared to having to run your own website this is why I recommend a newbie producer to go with BeatStars first and then build out their own websites after they pick up some great marketing skills and understand the business.

Building and running a website can be demanding when it comes to the technical aspects especially if you’re handling everything yourself.

With Beatstars all you have to worry about is marketing your stuff.

Great place to collaboration and network

BeatStars is a wide network of music producers from all over the globe. This makes it a great place to meet various music producers whom you can build relationships with that can lead to more lucrative endeavors and collaboration.

Collaboration is an important for growth as a music producer and a way to create some goodwill around your brand with fellow producers.

You can pick up a lot of skill

BeatStars is a wide platform with various music producers that employ and display various production and marketing methods. It can be a good place to pick up some skills that you can incorporate in your own process and the way you carry out your business.

BeatStars already has an audience

Another great aspect that comes with Beatstars is that it has a global audience which means your customer base as a music producer can easily be built.

Dealing with various customers can be a great way to build analytics that can help you determine what people actually want from you as a producer.

It can also help you determine your target market and demographic that resonates with the type of content that you put out.

Advantages Of Using Your Own Website To Sell Beats


An advantage that comes with having your website on which to sell beats is that you get to have ownership of your site which means that you control 100% of all site related business.

This is a great thing because you can experiment as much as possible in order to fine tune your basic approach to music production and beat selling.

You can build authority

An advantage that lies with having your own website is that you can build authority in your niche which can put you on the radar of so many potential clients.

Google rewards authenticity and authority which means you can cultivate organic traffic with a lot less effort and without having to spend so much money on advertising and marketing.

Impressions can lead to sales

Owning a website with a product changes the dynamics for your business because while impressions may be great on beat selling platforms, they can mean enventual sales for your website.

You can nurture your own crowd

Another advantage of owning and running your own beat website is that you can build your own client base that is well suited and defined to your specific way of production.

This type of client base can help you make more money and sell more products.

You can sell whatever you want to sell

Having your own website means having full control of the site which means you get to sell whatever you want to sell without being restricted to only beats.

You can sell music production courses, digital products, merchandise and many other things.

You won’t have to compete with other producers on the same platform

Beat selling on platforms that allow various music producers to upload their music can be a challenge because you’ll have to compete with a lot of people.

Having your own website allows you to separate yourself from the competition and basically modify and run your own race.


Having your own website does come with a lot of perks but you have to deal with a lot of technical stuff too.

Plus building an audience can take some time and a lot if effort which is why I don’t recommend building a site if you don’t have a lot of industry experience.

Learn some skills first and then weigh your options.

Should I Use BeatStars Or Make My Own Website?

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