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Should You Publish Songs Made On Pirated DAW Software?

The law surrounding copyright is to be taken very seriously and I personally urge people that are looking to get into music, to purchase software from the original developers and refrain from using crack software.

One of the questions that I’ve found to be popular on most public forums like Quora is:

Is it illegal to publish music songs that are made on pirated DAW Software?”

Downloading and using pirated DAW Software is illegal and a punishable offense, but the copyright of music made with such software is still yours provided that you own the actual composition. You can distribute and publish this music as you so wish. But if the developers do somehow figure out that you used pirated software, they can take legal action against you for the illegal use of their intellectual property which is the DAW software.

Can I produce music with pirated software?

Ofcourse you can produce music pirated software. Most pirated software is basically cracked which is simply a way in which the software is bypassed and fed information which makes it operate as it would when you purchase it from the developer.

Most the functioning of pirated software may work but in some cases, you may not be able to do certain things that you would do if you actually bought the software.

Which is why it’s good to purchase the original software so you avoid any inconsistencies such as handicapped functionality. Furthermore, as an artist you always have to show integrity and accountability with the tools that you use.

Plus, cracked software DAW’s run the risk of the user getting caught which would result in a dispute with the developer.

This is why I recommend purchasing the original software the right intended way rather than using unlawful means to acquire them.

Is it okay to use cracked DAW?

In all honesty, I really don’t advise people to go about using cracked software of any sort, whether it’s simply a antivirus, DAW or anything.

It’s not okay to do that because the moment you use cracked DAW, you infringe on the rights of the developers.

A lot of money goes into the development of software, marketing, targeting and ensuring that the end user is provided with value. Therefore purchasing the software the right way is a good way to ensure that the developer keep making improvements to serve you better as a client.

Furthermore, the use of illegal cracked DAWs is theft of intellectual property.

Let’s take an example, suppose you made some music and decided to put it up on YouTube and then it were to happen that someone ripped it off YouTube and then sampled it or interpolated it and made a spin-off song from your music without getting permission.

When you actually find out about this, you’d feel violated because you own the copyright to the music and put a lot of effort into making the music.

This is exactly what happens when you use Cracked DAW’s. You infringe on the rights of developers, use their work illegally, misuse their intellectual property and basically steal and rob them of what is rightfully theirs.

Is Pirating FL Studio illegal?

It is definitely illegal, let me quote what the Image Line end user license agreement actually states.

“This is an offer to contract. Read the following terms and conditions carefully before even downloading, installing, using, copying, transmitting, reselling or distributing the Software because by downloading, installing, using, copying, transmitting, reselling or distributing the Software, the User agrees to ALL of the terms of this EULA, as stated below.

Both this offer to contract as well as any user rights that would be granted under this EULA are entirely conditional upon the lawfulness of the User’s copy of the Software and the Demo Songs. No offer to contract is made and no rights whatsoever are granted in case of “cracked” or otherwise unauthorized copies of the Software and/or the Demo Songs. Unauthorized duplication, whether in whole or in part, temporary or definitive, of the Software and/or the Demo Songs is a violation of applicable copyright laws and treaties and may result in severe civil and/or criminal sanctions.


From the above clause in the License agreement, Pirationg is considered illegal.

This is why it’s better to purchase the original work from the developers.

You can read more of the End User License Agreement by image line here.

Can you get sued for using cracked software?

If the developers of the software were to figure out that you’d been using a pirated copy of their software, they can easily take legal action against you.

The repercussions maybe even more severe if you were the person behind the creation of the cracked software because that would constitute an illegal distribution of the software.

You could be asked to pay a fine or may even get jail time depending on how severe the case would turn out.

This is why it’s good to purchase the software the right and legal way.

Should You Publish Songs Made On Pirated DAW Software?

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