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Top 7 Sites You Can Sell Stock Music On

Stock music is basically any music that can be licensed to be used in TV, Film, YouTube Videos, radio and other media.

The content creation market has exploded over the years with the rise of various media publication tools like social media.

This has therefore created a demand for stock music that can be used in content creation

Figuring out how to monetize your stock music can be a challenge for somebody new to the game.

Thankfully, there are a alot of ways you can sell your stock music and I’ll discuss a couple of ways that you can do exactly that.


Sellfy is a great site that you can get started selling stock music on.

The demand for video production, adverts, presentations etc. is ever green, therefore,

if you have the talent to create, write and compose music then this is the site to monetize your craft with.

Sellfy let’s you build your own store and allows you to simply add links to

your products on social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook or you

can use their embedded feature which allows you to sell on your own website and facebook store.

They offer a 14 day trial which is pretty cool for testing out their services.


YouTube is a great platform for selling your stock music because it is literally

filled with thousands of creators that would jump on your stock music.

You can start a YouTube channel to promote your stock music and give

general descriptions of your work including price and things like that.

Furthermore, you can reach out to dozens of creators on YouTube that you think could benefit from your work.

Then you can go ahead and introduce them to your catalog and help them make a purchase decision.

The only downside to using YouTube to get to creators is that it may take

some time for you to actually build relationships with them which could

actually bring in business for you .

Audio Jungle

Audio jungle is another great alternative if you’re looking to monetize your stock music.

This website is a great community for both buyers and sellers of stock music,

which makes it great because you can actually communicate with people in

the community, ask questions, provide answers and interact.

Audio Jungle is part of the Envato Market and its creators say that they

simply created a community for people and let them run it.

This is great if you’re looking for an effective way to monetize your content.

Pond 5

Pond 5 is a New York based company that offers an online market for royalty free media.

It has the largest collection of stock footage, stock music, stock photography  and wide variety of sound effects.

Most articles talking about Stock Music monetization will have this site as a great place to start.

You’ll appreciate transparency with this site,

because they offer great customer service and they have a toll free line that anyone can easily call in any case that they feel like you need to find out more about their services.


Personally, this website is a favourite of mine.

It allows composers to easily sign up and get started uploading their tracks.

Just make sure to submit, 100% original work, and you have to be willing to

submit exclusive work because they do not work with non-exclusive work.

You also have to ensure that they are no 3rd party rights associated with the

work you submit because they will not accept said work.

Therefore create 100% original work which 100% belongs to you and only you.


Artlist is definitely another website worth looking into if you’re trying to sell your stock music.

They allow you to license your sounds and their platform is great and can

help connect you to your next client!


This is a Luxembourg based website that is a community for independent artists and music lovers.

They help artists make money by licensing their songs for commercial use.

Jamendo has a wide variety of music that is for TV programs, online videos, commercials, background music etc.

The are definitely worth have a detailed look into.

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Top 7 Sites You Can Sell Stock Music On

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