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Top VST’s Used By Trap Producers

Anybody that has an interest in music production has certainly felt the wave of trap music, with almost every new artist coming out with a trap hit.

Some of the best trap music producers have come with their own signature sound,

derived from various vst plugins that make for easy music production.

When it comes to music production, its all about knowing the tricks of the trade, this is true for most industries;

When I first got started making beats 10 years ago,

I had no idea what I was doing,

I had to learn a lot of real tips that added benefit to my sound.

You can teach yourself how to produce music,

but it doesn’t hurt to outsource some great tips that you can utilize in your work to make the most out of your time.

In this post I’ll share some VST Plugins that are widely used by trap music producers,

this information will be helpful to your music making so READ ON!

Here are some of the VSTs used by trap producers:

Omnisphere 2

Developed by SPECTRONICS,

Omnisphere is my go to synth VST on any given day,

it has over 14,000 sounds including sound sources, muiltis and presets that give absolute control to the user.

Omnisphere also takes sound design to a whole new because it allows you to use your own audio,

which means you basically record any audio clip and use omnisphere to design sounds from the audio, cool right?

I recommend you check out this amazing synth because it will take your production to a whole new level.

A recent research I carried over of the last two weeks has led me to the conclusion that;

most loop kits and sample kits being sold online are created using sounds from the vast Omnisphere library,

That in itself says a lot about the VST,

Omnisphere requires about 8 Gigabytes of RAM, 64 Gigabytes free harddisk space and a Dual Core 2.4 Ghz processor or better.

Check out my comparison of serum and omnisphere.

Nexus 3

Nexus 3 is such a great tool for producing trap,

developed by REFX, it makes for a great VST that inspires instant composing.

One thing you’ll discover about Nexus 3 and the previous version Nexus 2 is that,

it is designed for producers that want ready-made sounds that require little to no sound tweaking.

I recommend this plus for beginners to beat making,

because it is a very simple VST to use and anyone can use it without feeling overwhelmed.

Last cool thing I want to talk about is that both Nexus 3 and Nexus 2 come with expansion packs that you can add to the VST.

This is really cool because we all want a variety of new sounds and nothing sparks creativity than listening to new sounds.

Note that, I don’t recommend using Nexus 3 for a beginner looking to do sound design, there are much easier to use VSTs you can use for that.

Check out my comparison of Nexus and Omnisphere.


This VST is done by Busy Work Beats,

it is specifically designed for modern hip-hop, trap and Rn’b production.

Hermes has about 150+ sounds designed to give the user quality control, one thing about this VST is that you don’t have to browse through thousands of a bunch of low quality sounds that you’ll pretty much never use.

With only a 150+ sounds,

it is pretty to scan through and choose sounds that I want to use for a particular project.

This VST has been cited by main stream producers like Illmind, Curtiss King and Nav,

In addition to that;

a full money back guarantee is offered to any unsatisfied customers.

That is great customer service!


Octave is a good plugin that provides great high quality samples that can work for both hiphop and closer genres like RnB or trap.

This VST is available for both Mac and PC,

I’ve only used it a couple of months but from my experience I think it’s an overall good plugin,

Its no omnisphere,

but any VST utilized well can make for a great tool in music production,

Plus 60 bucks is a small price to pay for quality sounds.

This VST has been glorified by great producers like Illmind and BusyWork Beats.

Producer Grind which is the leading source for exclusive interviews with producers also speak highly of the plugin.

Output Exhale

This plugin is developed by a company called Output and is truly one of the greatest Vsts I have ever used in my life.

With Exhale it doesn’t matter what modern genre you intend to use it for, because it gives you options.

Exhale is a modernized vocal engine featuring over 500 presets that have been recorded by some of the world’s best recording engineers.

Output has patnered with Native Instruments to ensure that their libraries play without any hiccups in the Kontakt player.

This is a great plugin, and is definitely one of the most sought after plgins in the trap producer world.

Output Arcade

This plugin is very similar to Output Exhale and it is also developed by Output.

As far as synthesizers go, this one delivers something unique, unlike loop packs; output arcade allows you to play instrument loops in real time.

One other cool thing is Arcade has constant new content delivered to it in 3 levels; product lines, kits and loops.

A cloud browser allows you to scan for any sound you need by keyword. Pretty awesome right?

 All you have to pay to access this content is $10 a month which is worth it.

This VST is widely used and accepted by most people producing trap records.

Xpand 2

This one is one of my favourite go to VSTs for trap music,

Xpand 2 is a virtual muilti timbral synthesizer with a fairly large number of presets which are pretty easy to manipulate.

For anyone looking for ready-to-go presets,

Xpand 2 is definitely a great choice and one of the most inexpensive VSTs.

For people that are into sound design, this is a great choice in VSTs.

it has a user friendly interface that doesn’t let complication get in the way,

With over 2500 patches waiting to be used in your production process.

I love this plugin because it doesn’t put too much of a strain on the CPU and RAM as compared to other VSTs.

It is definitely worth checking out!


In my opinion, Sylenth is one of the most over looked and underrated plugins of all time,

but when it comes to making trap beats this is one of my go to VSTs,

Sometimes I might finish making a trap beat without using any other VST generator other than Sylenth.

It is famous in the electronic music production space but it aslo has a wide variety of presets (over 30,000) which you can use.

This VST is developed by a company called Lennar-Digital.

Compared to other plugins, Sylenth is a less complicated option ,

delivering on the go sounds that you can use quickly in your work.


As far as sound design goes, Serum is a top tier plugin.

Its user friendly interface allows any beginner to sound design to have a much simpler experience.

It is widely used in the Trap community, and there are a lot of presets available online .

There’s also a community of Serum users that offer tutorials for it,

so you don’t have to be completely clueless when you get the VST.

The plugin is developed by Xfer Records and is the ultimate sound design haven.

It is definitely worth checking out, and an overall great plugin offering sounds with a clean and rich texture.

Gross Beat

Gross beat is an effect VST but it is definitely worth mentioning on this list because it is heavily relied on by trap producers.

This VST is a time manipulation, audio stream playback, and pitch position plugin that allows for endless creative ideas.

Gross Beat is an Imageline software developed for their Digital Audio Workstation called FL Studio,

and has gained massive popularity over the years.

My main favorite preset and the most widely used is called Half time.

It is definitely worth checking out, I recommend buying the Producer Edition of FL Studio as it comes pre-installed with gross beat.

Ample guitars

For those that love to incorporate guitar melodies into their production, this is a great plugin to use.

It has a total size of around 6 Gigabytes which makes it a great resource because it is equipped with a wide variety of guitar sounds.

Furthermore it allows you adjust things like the resonance, release and fret noise, which makes it great for producers going for a specific sound.

Usually with a guitar or piano plugin what we are looking for are sounds that will sound as close as possible to the real thing,

therefore ample guitar is perfect for achieving a realistic guitar sound.

With most trap songs featuring a guitar riff ample guitar is certainly one of the most utilized plugins.

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Top VST’s Used By Trap Producers

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