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What Age Should You Start A Band?

Let’s face it; a career in music is not the easiest thing. There are so many nuances to this career path that you need to understand to not only breakthrough but stick with it long enough to eventually see your rise.

A young person (like a teen for example) looking to get started in music will think about starting a band which is pretty interesting and a good way to learn more about music.

Starting a band can also be a great way to explore your own creativity and that of others.

With that said, what age should you start a band?

You can start a band as early on as 13 the only downside with minors starting a band is that they can’t play at adult gigs because of age restrictions. This is why most people only start a band when they reach 18 years of age or above.

However, starting early on does have its advantages therefore you need to know what you’re aiming for and then decide on starting a band.

Things to consider before starting a band

Below are some considerations that you need to take into account before you even start thinking of starting a band.

Why you want to start

First things first, you need to know why you want to start a band.

For both young and old people it’s out of love for music.

Therefore, if you’re truly passionate about music then it doesn’t matter whether you start a band 12 or at 50.

Don’t let age restrict you.

Go for it.

Future plans

The second thing that is as important as knowing why you want to start a band is your overall future plan.

If you want to take on music as a full time career then you need to start your band early.

There are a lot of things to learn about music as a craft and music as a career that puts food on your table.

Therefore, don’t hold back.

Having a long term plan will help you in such situations.

Your initial years in music will mostly consist of you learning how to make music and all other things that constitute a career in music.

Your age

You also have to consider your age.

If you’re a pre-teen, you obviously have to go to school.

Which means you have to consider how starting a band is going to exactly fit in to your schedule and how it’s going to affect your like as a whole.

If you’re an adult with a job you have to consider the same.

All in all, your lifestyle matters when thinking of starting a band because it will determine whether you’ll be able to take on music as a full time gig or simply part time.

Your target audience

Your target audience is another consideration you have to take into account.

Many people make the mistake of not figuring this out early on…

But you need to know who your music will impact.

Advantages of starting a band early

Let’s look at some of the advantages of starting a band in your early years.

You can develop your skills over time

Skills take time to be nurtured.

When you start a band in your early years you will have more than enough time to develop your skills as you grow.

Think of a person like Micheal Jackson who began his careers as a child. Now examine just how far he was able to take his career and how good he actually got at what he did over the years.

Micheal Jackson had the advantage of starting early in the music business and grew with it. It was literally a part of his life.

Your fan-base can grow with you

Another advantage that comes with starting early is that your fanbase can literally grow with you.

Furthermore, you have the chance of having a lot of fans when you reach your peak.

Having a solid fanbase means having people that identify with you and somehow feel connected to you. The early on you start your music journey the more time you have to connect with your audience.

Character building

Starting a music career early in your life exposes you to not only the music side of things ,but to the dynamics of music as an industry as well.

Such exposure builds your character by teaching you a number of career and life lessons.

This is why it’s always a good idea to start whenever you can.

Doesn’t matter if you’re only 10 years old. Start learning about music and grow into it.

Once you’re mature you’ll decide whether it’s the right thing for you or not.

This brings me to my next point.

Weighing your options

Starting a music career early on gives you time to learn and understand the music industry.

This gives you enough experience.

As you grow older you can decide if you really want to pursue a career in music or not.

What Age Should You Start A Band?
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