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What Do All Hit Songs Have In Common?

Hit songs make up the list of various musical charts in the world. These songs are of different genres and deliver a different vibe.

To be able to make a hit song, it requires a lot of planning, spontaneity and good understanding of what makes a record, a hit.

A few of the most common characteristics that hit songs share is that they are catchy, use a few instruments, and they are arranged in an interesting manner with an overall repeating theme.

There are a variety of other technical bits which make up the traits of songs that are considered hits.

Below are the characteristics of most hit songs.

They evolve around a theme

Most hit songs revolve around a theme from which all other elements are built.

The idea of the song is communicated throughout and is usually well correlated.

This makes it easily relatable for the listener, especially if the theme being communicated through the song hits close to home for the listener.

They stir up an emotion

Music is a tool that strikes up a variety of emotions, there are sad songs, happy songs, and a lot more.

What makes a hit song a HIT is how much emotion it stirs up for the listener.

Most hit songs focus around positive themes which in turn stir up positive emotions for the listener.

This characteristic makes a song more relatable for the listener because it induces a good emotion for them.

For example club songs are usually loud and talk about partying and having fun.

For a person that is in a club trying to party and have a good time, a club song will easily make them feel much better. why?

Because of the raw emotion that it stirs up inside them.

They are catchy

The most common characteristic among hit songs is that they are catchy and therefore become very easy for the listener to memorize and sing along to.

Hit songs sometimes have catch phrases, hooks, or a repeating statement s that becomes the theme of the song.

This is very common in genres like Hiphop and RnB. Most songs usually have a catchy theme that easily sticks within the first few listens of the song.

They have interesting Arrangements

Arrangement in music serves a very key function because it basically guides the listener through the song.

A poorly arranged song will make it difficult for a listener to understand the structure of the song.

It then becomes difficult for them to piece all the elements together.

What you’ll find with most hit songs is that they utilize interesting arrangements that keep the listener hooked.

Usually a short introduction, a catchy hook and some verses to come after the hooks.

This makes the song easier to follow and understand.

They are not very long but moderately short

Back in the day songs used to be of length usually having a duration of 5 minutes all more.

With the rise of technology and streaming platforms that offer users millions of songs at their finger tips, it is no longer a good idea to have really long songs because people nowadays have a very short attention span.

This is the reason why most hit songs will usually be around 3 minutes or less.

Which gives the listener the urge to play the song again and again because they can’t get enough.

Most commercial trap hiphop music usually has a duration of around 2:30 with interesting arrangements, and a catchy vibe to it.

A hit song is a journey

Any song that is made has to tell a story no matter how much of a non-story song it is.

It has to take the listener on a journey and give them a good ride or story.

This is a common trait of most hit songs.

They usually have a good intro which introduces the song to the listener, followed by a catchy hook which gives the listener an understanding of what the song is all about,

the subject matter is further explained in the verses and then a round up of the entire theme is given in the bridge.

This right here is a journey, from intro to the end.

Climaxing chorus

The chorus makes up the main theme of the song and gives it its full meaning. The chorus will hook the listener by being energetic and climaxing.

This leaves a lasting impression on the listener and gives them something to remember and look out for within the song.

The chorus in most hit songs will usually be a combination of various instruments and a vocal that create a great climax effect.

Happy chords

90% of the best chart topping songs bring out positive and energetic emotion for the listener by utilizing a variety of happy chords which usually revolve around the key of F Major.

Unique elements

Most hit songs will have a unique element in them that standards out and separates the song from other songs.

These unique elements can either be instruments or vocals.

Verse length is shortened

Most hit songs are not every long and in turn have very short verse lengths which makes the song quickly dive back into the chorus which is the climax.

This is true for most genres especially club music, RnB and hiphop.

What Do All Hit Songs Have In Common?

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