What Is A Good College For Music Production?

Getting music education can be great if you want to have credentials with your passion.

Many people choose this especially if they feel like they need to be taught by professionals in the industry.

Which is perfectly fine.

When looking to get into a good school for music you need options to atleast pick from so you weigh the pros and cons of each.

You’ll need a school that offers what you’re looking for, is within your budget, preferably a good location and many other things.

This post covers some good colleges that you can consider going to if you intend to study music.

Florida State University College of Music

The Florida College of Music offers anyone looking to acquire a professional qualification in music the chance to study with them.

Their faculty are leaders of music in:

Music Performance (classical, jazz, and music theatre)

Music Education

Music Therapy

Music Theory

Music Composition

Arts Administration

Piano Technology

Commercial Music

Historical Musicology and Ethnomusicology

This school offers a great space for private recital and a concert hall and other private practice rooms and spaces dedicated for larger ensembles and rehearsals.

Cornish College of the Arts

The Cornish college offers cutting edge jazz education from composers that challenge your musical abilities. They offer the contemporary musician the highest quality education, a great learning environment and a haven for you to nurture and develop your skills and your passions.

After getting trained in music at the cornish college you’ll be able to:

Demonstrate musicianship including fluency in performance practice, compositions, music theory, ear training, rhythm, and keyboard skills.

Contextualize music through the understanding of history, culture, politics, and society.

Effectively communicate and express yourself about music through writing, speaking, and other media.

Gain knowledge of professionals, technology, and career options that are available in the field of music.

Incorporate music with other forms of art.

California Institute of the Arts

This school is known for its art education and is one of the best schools you can go to for music.

It is a well rounded school offering diverse opportunities for its students. It’s faculty cultivates genuine inspiration and offers a way for any student to succeed.

Sweet Briar College

Sweet Briar College is an affordable college for women that offers many opportunities and good quality education to its students.

It provides a great learning environment where students are free to cultivate and hone in on their passions and try new things every day.

Sweet briar is a women’s college in rural Virginia, known for “a rigorous liberal arts education” and supportive community that supports accomplishment for its students.

Brigham Young University

This is generally known for being a school that enrolls high performing high school students.

Which makes it a great learning experience and environment for anyone looking to acquire a qualification in music.

Furthermore, Brigham is inexpensive and you can get a degree for less than $50,000. Which is great because the value you’ll get in return will worth every dollar.

It  also has a clean campus with a beautiful landscaping and location.

Most graduates that come from this school have opportunities when they leave and usually end up in a good career.

Plus the MBA program they offer is widely recognized which makes it a very valuable asset for anyone that attains it.

Bowling Green State University

This is a tricky school to get into as they only have around a 53% acceptance rate.

It is a fairly good option for someone looking for a cheap alternative to get an education in music.

Bowling is a place I’d advise somebody to go if they’re a simply looking for an education in order to work on their projects and not be employed because the employment numbers of most graduates from this university aren’t very promising.

University of Nebraska – Lincoln School of music

University of Nebraska—Lincoln is an institution that was founded in 1869.

It has an undergraduate enrollment of 20,478, its setting is city, and the campus size is 856 acres.

It utilizes a semester-based academic calendar. 

This is a very promising school with some good numbers on graduates, annual salary of graduates etc.

Everything looks good here, but inquiring more about this school to figure out if it’s the right option for you should be done.

It was ranked number 133 on the Lincolns best universities edition of 2021.

SAE Institute

SAE  is an arts school that is know to have a solid electronic music production program that has been around for long.

This school has 51 campuses in over 25 countries.

In other words, they are an institution and can offer approved degrees that are recognised in many countries.

Plus they offer access to professional studios and equipment, and a great network of other students, teachers and music industry professionals and connections you’d need.

Berklee College of Music

This is one of the most highly respected schools in the realm of music around the world.

They are based in Boston and are known for recruiting some of the most promising and talented graduates.

They offer both graduate and under graduate options for both their physical students and online students.

This is a great school and one of the entry requirements that you should know about is that they require you to have a principle instrument which can be a guitar, piano, keyboard etc.

What Is A Good College For Music Production?
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