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What Is A One-Shot In Music Production?

A one shot or one shot sample in music production is a single hit that is the result of a single strike of a chord, drum, or a note.

An example of a one shot could be the single strike of any key on a keyboard or Midi or an individual kick drum sample from a drum kit or sample pack.

One shots are quite common,

especially in drum kits or sample packs because they are typically what is

used to create songs.

Drumkits will in some cases be composed of drum loops and the single one

shots of the drums that make up the entire loops.

How to use a One shot Sample

One shots have a variety of applications because there are number of

different types of one shots.

A Piano Chord one shot can be used to create an actual piano melody

around the one shot,

there are really no limits to what could be done with a one shot sample.

A Kick drum one shot can be used to create a kick pattern for any song,

kick one shots are usually used in this respect to create a basic pattern that

all other instruments will follow.

A hi-hat one shot is used to create a hi-hat loop customized to fit a specific drum pattern.

Usually hi-hat loop packs will have one shots of a variety hi-hat one shots.

Clap one shots are what are used to create a good pattern to fit into a

specific drum pattern or song.

There  exist a variety of claps and they are used in this respect.

What is a one shot kit?

A one shot kit is basically a sound kit that is made up of a variety of different

types of one shots. I.e. Kick one shots, hi-hat one shots, clap one shots, chord one shots , etc.

The best place to find cool one shot kits is splice and cymatics.

Are One shots Royalty Free?

One shots are free of any copyright because,

copyright law considers sampling as the illegal use of section of a song that contains lyrics and melody.

All you have to basically do is just purchase the one shot kit from the creators

and you can use them without requiring to remit any more money for the

use of the samples.

Where is the best place to get free samples?

My advice is go to CYMATICS if you’re looking for good sample packs that are well put together.

The Cymatics team put a lot of huge value into the creation of their samples

and what you get for free is such amazing content that can take your entire

music production game to the next level.

Are Cymatics free samples royalty free?

According to CYMATICS,

all their samples are completely royalty free but it is illegal and

prohibited to redistribute, repackage and sell their sample kits.

furthermore, CYMATICS doesn’t allow you to release the project files

and release the exact songs as your original content.

so be careful.

Is Using sample packs cheating?

using sample packs is a way to improve your music by having a variety of

sounds at your disposal.

It is not cheating.

The music production business relies on the use of sample packs,

without sample packs it would be difficult for music producers to make

music especially if they can’t design their own sounds from scratch.


In the simplest of terms a one shot is a single strike of note,

chord or drums and may also be said to be non looped samples because

they are a single shot of the sample.

one shot samples are mostly royalty free for the most part unless the

distributor specifies otherwise which is rather unlikely.

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What Is A One-Shot In Music Production?

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