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What Is A Vocal Preset?

Presets are well known and used by a variety of music producers.

Their easy of use makes them the go-to tool for easy mixing.

A vocal preset is a file usually created within a Digital Audio Workstation that consists of pre-set effects designed to enhance, improve and alter vocals in a way.

Think of vocal presets as custom effects that are pre-modified with settings.

All you have to do is load the preset and the tools you need will be available.

Presets can be a combination of a variety of effects each modified with

specific settings while in some cases,

a preset can only consist of a single effect plugin to which modified settings are applied.

For example a vocal preset could be one that has delay, reverb and

compressor effects that have specified settings and parameters already set.

Types of Vocal Presets

Autotune presets

Some vocal chain presets may be autotune presets that have a variety of

effects useful for producers that are looking to use Aututune effects on their


Compression presets

These presets are responsible for taking care of the dynamic range of vocals.

They are intended to keep a good range within a vocal without some parts

sounding louder or quieter.

Compression presets can be a variety of effects all custom set to deal with

dynamic range.

Reverb presets

Reverb presets maybe made up of a single effect plugin or a variety

depending on which ones you use.

Of course reverb presets will be useful in taking care of vocals that sound too dry.

Reverb is also useful in smoothing out vocals after some processing is

applied to them.

Delay presets

Delay presets are essentially made to give a delay effect to vocals, which

is useful in keeping the vocal interesting and filling in some gap.

Limiter presets

To avoid clipping and distortion, limiter presets are the go to presets to

handle this.

Genre presets

You’ll also find a variety of presets that are specified to a specific genre.

Which is helpful when you’re working on a song.

for example Rnb presets can be useful if you’re working on RnB music.

What is a preset plugin?

A plugin preset is an element created by the developers or third parties set

to be used within a plugin designed using specific settings.

Advantages of using presets

Presets teach the user

settings within a preset can be a great advantage for the user to have a look

at the parameters and check how they’re set and have a basic understanding.

for example, a compressor preset that is meant for guitars will give you a

good indication of how the parameters are set, this can help form basic ideas

about how to compress guitars.

Starting points

Good vocal presets are great starting points for mixing.

You can have a look at the parameters and adjust them accordingly.

It is very difficult for the creator of the preset to determine how your mix is

going to sound,

therefore good adjustments will be necessary and these tweaks will be

specific to your mix.

Vocal presets can help you develop your own

Vocal presets can help you figure out how unique your mixing technique is and from this,

you can easily create your own presets from scratch because you have a

good idea and basis of what needs tweaking on your effects.

Disadvantages of using vocal presets

Becoming monotonous

Using the same presets over and over again with no modifications will make

your mixes sound the same and monotonous.

Music is different and your mixes will differ,

applying the same vocal effects without tweaking or adjusting will result in

your music sounding the same.


When you rely heavily on vocal presets you’ll become lazy and it will be

difficult for you to come up with your own presets.

This is a major disadvantage especially to beginners because they can easily

fall into this trap.


Vocal chain presets can limit you if you rely on them too much.

They can limit your imagination to the preset creators thinking.


Vocal preset effects can be good if you’re able to tweak them,

keep in mind though,

if you rely on them solely, your creativity and work ethic can be greatly diminished.

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