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What Is The Best Day To Release A Single?

So you just made your record and feel it is ready to be released so your fans can have at it.

You may be wondering when the appropriate time to release is.

Trust me, many people face this challenge because it requires good planning and a tactful overall strategy.

You can’t just drop music any day you feel necessary because it is easy for it to get lost in the noise. A release plan should be part of your marketing strategy.

With all that said, the question still remains, What is the best day to release a single?

Traditionally, the best day to release a single is on Friday because its closer to the weekend, which means you can count on more people streaming your record. In addition, Most streaming platforms like Spotify, create Friday playlists which means your release could likely be play-listed easily. Billboard  tracks sales from Friday to Thursday which gives the opportunity to maximize your chart potential as well.

Mid week releases can also work to your advantage if you don’t want your music to get lost in the noise.

The truth is, most artist’s release their new music on Fridays which means you have to effectively plan in advance.

If you see too much of your competition releasing information of them dropping a single on the weekend.

You have the option of releasing your single midweek or you can simply wait until their buzz dies down and release your single the following week.

Pros of a Friday release

Now that you know Friday is the best day for you to release your single, let’s further discuss the importance of putting your records on Friday in more detail and depth.

Chart calculations

The fact that billboard tracks and calculates your music performance for a 7 day cycle starting from Friday till Thursday gives you enough reason as to why most popular musicians put out their records on Friday.

When you release music on a day other than Friday.

Your music performance will not be tracked for a full 7 days and this minimizes your chart potential.

For an indie artist, a full 7 day performance tracking is important.

Because if your Music performs well, it is easy for you to get the attention of record labels that could eventually sign you and give you better opportunities to advance your career.

Streaming platforms

With streaming platforms being the new standard for digital releases. It is important to have a general idea when the right day to release your single is.

Typically, Friday is the major day on which most streaming platforms update their playlists.

Therefore releasing your single on Friday can mean a great deal for you because you could get a chance to featured on New Music Friday playlists.

This can help your record get the traction that it needs. Plus boost your sales and streams.

Important things to look out for

Before you release your music to the world, it is vital to assess alot of things that could affect how your single is received by the masses.


Certain holidays can be bad for your releases because they can easily shift and grab everyone’s attention.

This can easily have your single over looked.

So you have to be careful in crafting a plan for release.

Taking into account holidays.

Some holidays on the other hand can be a great time for release. For example, The first of January can be great and can work to your advantage if you utilze and package your single the right way.

Big artist release

Most artist’s especially those signed to labels usually release their music on Friday’s because record labels know the value that comes with that.

Whether you’re indie or not, you have to take account of who’s dropping music and when they’re doing so.

You really don’t want to put out your music the same day a big or major artist is releasing music.

Because they can easily obstruct your shine and your music can easily get lost in the noise.

Most people make this rookie mistake and it can be costly especially for smaller artist’s that are not even closely big as the artist’s that release music on the same day.

Natural disasters

This is really a no-brainer, in times of chaos and global disasters. Releasing any music should be put on hold because the world is too distracted.

Situations like this grab the attention of people and put their mental state in a different space making it inconvenient to release music in such times.


Mondays are also not ideal for releasing your music because most people are back at work and the week is formally commencing.

Most people on Mondays will be less open to purchasing or streaming new music because they are too busy trying to get their work week started.

All in all Friday is the best day to release a single.

What Is The Best Day To Release A Single?
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