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What Is The Best Way To Release An Album?

Creating an album is hard work and most artist’s feel their work is done once they have their final mastered tracks that they intend to compile as an album…..but the reality is that the work is only beginning.

Thinking you can just be done with a project and put it out without taking various measures is a rookie mistake that you should avoid at all cost.

Because it can easily derail your progress and have your music lost in the noise.

One of the most frequently asked questions in popular forums is “What is the best way to release an album?“.

I’ve gotten this question from most of the indie musicians I’ve worked with and most of the time there’s no short answer I can give which is why I decided to write a full detailed article on this topic.

So I urge you to keep reading because the secrets to a successful release that I expose here will help you launch your album the right way.

Because you could have a great album but the way you release it could easily make it a flop.

So you have to tread lightly and follow the guidelines I’ve set out here to successfully release your album…… the right way.

With that said, let’s get into the best ways to release an album.

1. Ramp Up Awareness

The very first step to a successful album release is creating enough awareness for your album before it’s actually completed.

This is a good marketing approach which will help you create enough hype for your product before it even hits the shelf!

There are various ways to ramp up Awareness such as using an email newsletter if your have a website.

You can also utilize social media to consistently post videos of snippets as well in-the-studio content with you actually working on the album.

Social media ads on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and twitter can also help you because the internet is flooded with people.

Building awareness is simply letting people know that an album is coming.

Share enough content such as pictures, studio vlogs etc, because this can help you build enough hype for your album.

Also use your peers especially ones that are in music to also share information regarding your upcoming album because it can help you get a couple of their fans on your side.

So before you release that album ask yourself these questions:

Do people know I have an album coming?

Am I getting enough traction to warrant a release?

Are people asking about the album?

How much social media impressions is news about my album getting?

The answers to these questions will give you insight as to whether you have built up enough awareness for your album..

2. Release a single prior to the release

Second step is picking a single that you release a few couple of months before presenting the album.

For this you have to sit down with your team and all decide on the best single that can help your brand.

If you’re an indie artist, this is where you have to get a second or third opinion from people about which song can be best to be a single.

Once you pick your single you can be glad that you have a record to present to your audience….but before you put out your single.

Build up hype by announcing information about your single release. Use your social media accounts for this.

Create a good artwork for your single, then create a post detailing the title, the producer, the name or your album and any other necessary info.

You can also post a couple of catchy lines in the song you intend to release………..this will hype up your single even more.

You can also post something like a lyric video or a visualizer of some sort that can make your offer even more enticing.

Social media is very graphic so take advantage of this and hone in by creating great content for your single. in short, MAKE IT A BIG DEAL!!!

If you have a website that gets enough traffic you can easily take advantage of it by displaying a graphic post with your album information on it,

you can also use a countdown plugin to create urgency and anticipation around your album.

Also, you can reach out to various blogs that write an article promoting your album.

Just ensure that they do a job of writing good content and conveying the necessary details such as release date and so forth.

3. Make a Music Video

A Music video is a great mode of promotion and can help you deliver your message more clearer.

If you have a budget set aside for your video promotion then don’t hesitate to do so…….

because it can make the anticipation of your album grow even bigger.

Just be sure to release your music video shortly after releasing your single so you can hone in on the attention that you’ve built.

If you don’t have enough money for a traditional music video, a visualizer can work just as effectively provided it is made properly.

Reach out to good digital designers that can help you make the best possible visualizer to accompany your song.

The point is that, Any visual content will be widely accepted because of the hype that you’ve built up for the album.

4. Create content around your single

I know most people will think this is what the previous point is for but the fact is, there are a lot of other ways that you can employ to make your single even more interesting.

You can share what inspired the creation of the song which could be done in a video.

You could also share the details behind the creation the record such as the people that helped you make it.

This can be a good way to have some additional content supporting your single.

You can also perform your single at your live shows to have the people get an live experience of the song.

5. Plan your listening party

Listening parties or album release parties are a great way to build awareness for your album.

Once you have a single out and a Music Video you can start planning for your album release party in advance,  3 months prior can work well.

In such a situation you can adequately and extensively plan without being under pressure with your release date drawing close.

You can deal with all the little details that need to be in place for your listening party such as the venue etc.

Ensure that you plan a great event and deliver at-least something different and/or unique.

Create a great atmosphere with a good stage, good sound, good instrumentation and some special guests.

Get all all the posters and flyers printed in advance and also create the event on your Facebook.

Use all your various social media platforms to promote your album and hint the listening party so people can attend.

Ask your close associates to help you spread word. Also ask them to bring some friends with them if they can.

6. Press

Now that you have your album release party all figured out, you can then go ahead and start doing some press to bring even more awareness to your coming album.

Have your team reach out to radio stations and other media outlets,

so they set up some interviews so you can get the word out and talk to some fans. Also utilize podcasts.

Podcasts are a great way you can reach a lot of people, as well as a very targeted audience that can be more than willing to purchase your album when it’s ready.

Make sure you talk about your album using all various persuasion tactics that can help you make people even more interested in your album.

Just be sure to get on podcasts that are in the entertainment niche preferably related to music because thats your intended audience.

You can also contact music bloggers have them write articles on your soon to be released album including all relevant information.

When you get on various broadcast media, ensure that you convey the details pertaining to the album like the release date, the album release party etc.

7. Distribution

Now that your album is almost ready to be released, it’s time for you to start getting ready for distribution.

Distribution is how you get your music both to physical and digital stores.

Therefore start developing your plan for distribution once you have everything other aspect done.

For digital stores, you won’t really have to go through a rigorous process, you simply have to sign up to a distributor like Tunecore, DistroKid etc.

You’ll only have to spend only a couple of bucks so don’t worry about having to shell out a bunch of cash.

Physical album distribution on the other hand will require you to get in touch with a distributor that can help you package the physical product and distribute it to various stores for a commission.

8. The final step

Once you complete distribution.

It is time for you to get ready for release. Follow up with promotion even on the date of release.

Also do your best to put out an outstanding performance at your album release party.

You can also entice the audience by promising a copy of the album for every person that attends.

What Is The Best Way To Release An Album?
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