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What Is The Difference Between A Beat Maker And Producer?

One of the most misunderstood concepts in the music production world is the difference between a beat maker and a producer.

To clarify the difference between a music producer and a beat maker I’ll say this;

A beat maker is primarily specialized in making beats and selling them or giving the away to artists, a music producer on the other hand oversees the process of music creation with the artist from the very beginning to the very end of the creation process when the song is officially done and is ready to be released.

Let’s have a closer look into both the roles of the music producer and the beat maker.

The Beatmaker

A beat maker is usually how most music producers start out.

They simply purchase a digital audio Workstation and start making beats which they either send away or sell to make money.

You’ll find a lot of beat makers online especially on beat selling platforms.

They are simply specialized and choose to focus on the beat making process and usually don’t over see the production process of the song that is created with their beats.

This has become very common especially in modern day hip-hop where beat makers are heavily relied upon by most artists and record labels.

The Producer

The producer is the guy that oversees the entire music production process and works very closely with the artist or artists,

they are not only limited to the beats but they facilitate the entire creation of the song.

To understand this a lot more deeply let’s explore the music production process.

An artist will usually contact a beat maker or they may find a producer that can make the beat they wish to use.

After the artist gets the beat, he will have to write lyrics to the record and then prepare for his/her session with a music producer to finally lay down the track.

In this case the producer will then be involved in the entire recording process, like suggesting which lyrics should stay or be left out of the song,

which parts of the beat should be removed or what should be added to make the song sound a lot more better.

The producer may work closely with a sound engineer to ensure that the record be produced as it is supposed to be.

He may make suggestions to the artists about the arrangement of the song,

the beat structure, what needs improvement, what needs some changes and things like that.

This hands on approach in most situations will have the producer listed as one of the writers of the song, of which they totally are.

The producer will also ensure that the stems to a beat are readily available in order for the engineers to do their work much more efficiently to make certain that the final product is of high quality.

Producer and Beatmaker

A beat maker can easily make the transition to music producer if they learn or have the skills to fully over see the whole process of the production of the song.

Which would mean that they would be in the studio with the artist in which they would work on the actual creation of the song together.

In some situations the artist may request the Beatmaker to change the whole beat to fit their vision,

which the beat maker would do and then proceed to work on the song with the artist until it is ready for mastering.


It is very common to find beat makers credited as the producer and this is usually because of the terms that are stipulated by the Beat-maker at the time of the sale.

Other times the Beatmaker maybe credited as the producer because of the composition which is the beat, and they are mostly considered the composers because they supply the music which ends up becoming a song.

Why do producers get writing credits?

Producers are given writing credits because of composition contributions are considered “writing”.

This contribution maybe full composition, suggestions, instrument additions, part changes, structural alterations, lyrics etc.


Beat making is basically the creation of beats, music production is the facilitation of the creation of the entire song.

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