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What Is The Happiest Key?

Its always good to understand various musical keys and the variety of emotions that they are able to create.

In this post we’ll explore the musical keys that bring about “happy” emotions.

So then what is the happiest key?

The happiest key is the F Major & C Major which is associated with victory, triumph over difficulty, relief and struggle finally conquered. These range of positive emotion are the most associated with this key.

A background of Musical Keys.

The association of keys to emotions has been around and was quite common in the olden days prior to the 20th century.

This association of music and emotion is one that was a most shared culture among performers and listeners.

The most renowned musicians like Mozart and Beethoven are well known for their association of musical keys to emotions.

Not understanding the various emotions inspired by musical keys makes it difficult to appreciate the musical pieces performed by these two musical geniuses.

The F Major is a major scare that is based on F with following pitches F, G, A, B, B flat, C, D, and E.

Its basic signature has one B flat. Its relative minor is D Minor and its parallel minor is F minor.

Relative keys are basically major and minor scales that have the same key signatures.

This means that they all share the same notes but are arranged in a different order of half steps and whole steps.

Minor scales that have the same tonic are called Parallel keys.

For example the parallel key of C Major is C Minor because they all share the same tonic which is C.

F is the home key of the Wagner tuba, Trumpet in F, Horn in F, Basset horn and the English horn.

Some popular compositions in C are :

Trio sonata Op. 1/5

Violin sonata Op. 2/4

Violin sonata Op. 5/1

L’estro armonico, for four violins and orchestra (Violin concerto Op. 3/7)

Popular Songs in the key of F#

Green day – Amy

“Amy” by greenday is the last song on their idos! album .

It is a tribute to Amy Winehouse.

This tribute is how they close their album and pay their respects.

Miguel – Skywalker

Skywalker is a song by contemporary RnB artist Miguel and features Travis Scott.

This particular song is a laid back vibe-y song that centres around happiness and good things coming to those that wait.

Critical reception has people saying this song is the equivalent of an out of body experience.

The 1975 – Girls

“Girls” is a hit song by the English rock band called “The 1975”, it features vocals from Matthew Healy.

This song is from their self titled debut album.

Halsey – Without me

” Without me” is another song that is composed in the key of F#.

It is by the American singer, Halsey.

This song details the affairs of a break up and means of finding closure.

Soulja Boy – Turn My Swag On

This is another happy song composed in the key of F#, it is by the American rapper Soulja Boy, released in 2008.

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What Is The Happiest Key?

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