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What Makes A Great Music Producer?

Being a music producer is not an easy job and it requires a lot practice to get to a point where your work can speak for itself.

Certain attributes of great producers are easily detectable and apply to a variety of other great producers.

This post will talk about the characteristics that make great music producers.

The purpose of this post is then to help you adopt some things exhibited by great producers, into your own working style.

Helpful when you’re trying to up your music production game or you may be an artist looking to have a basis for determining whether a music producer is worthwhile to work with or not.

A good work ethic

A great music producer is one with an excellent work ethic. A work ethic that demands progress and comes with consistency.

This trait is one of the key things that make up a great producer, because without a good work ethic nothing would get done.

Music production is an all encompassing field that demands seriousness and dedication.

A good work ethic makes for good relationships because people will basically hold you to the standards that you set for yourself.

Creative by nature

Being highly creative comes naturally but can also become a sharpened skill.

Every great music producer is one that is highly creative because that’s what the job demands.

This is important because music production involves a great deal of idea generation and idea improvement.

Meticulous by Nature

Attention to detail is one key skill that great music producers have,

music production requires a great deal of attention to be able to deal with mistakes properly.

Mixing is one key element that requires good judgement and a lot of attention to detail because you have to properly do it in order to have a good finished song.

Furthermore, recording and mastering also require a great deal of forward thinking and a great respect for detail.

Therefore this is one skill that great producers have.

A good ear

This attribute is greatly linked to creativity.

A great music producer has to have a good ear for music in order for it to translate into the music being produced.

Not all artists come to record with knowledge of how the track should end up sounding.

It then becomes the job of the music producer to properly guide the artist to create something good.

Without a good ear for music, the producer wouldn’t know where to take a record and what has to be done to make it a great end product.

A good ear is also a great filter for people that may just end up wasting time.

(Are you a music looking to get creative? this article is for you)


A great music producer is one that is a visionary.

Music production requires a great deal of planning that has to be matched with execution.

Therefore a great music producer has to be one that can have a good sense of how the finished song should sound like.

This will be good for the artist because they can be well directed and well guided to create a great song.

Good attitude

To work well and effectively in any service business, you have to be a well adjusted person.

Therefore great music producers are ones that have a good attitude towards people,

because it creates a good working environment where people feel welcome and comfortable.

Music production is personal work, therefore it requires a well rounded

person that is able to work with people while maintaining an excellent work ethic that can foster growth.

It is also worth mentioning that great relationships are a product of a good attitude.

An eye for talent

A great music producer is one that has an eye for talent and can spot it easily.

If great music producers like Dr. Dre didn’t have the eye for talent, Eminem the rapper wouldn’t have made it to where he is today.

This goes to show that good judgement, paired with good vision can yield immense potential and value.

Good knowledge of music

This is the most important characteristic of a well rounded great music producer because it is the foundation of everything.

A great music producer should be one that possesses a Good understanding and knowledge of music.

This knowledge of music could be a result of talent or hardwork and it really doesnt matter because a good work ethic will surpass lazy talent on any given day.


Integrity is a trait that any person should have because honesty at the core will do very well for any business.

Any great music producer is one that has his principles deeply rooted in integrity.

This trait allows for flexible working relationships with people that are based on honesty and any other ulterior motives.


Any great producer is one that is accountable for their actions and accountable for themselves.

For example brands like Dr. Dre have been accountable for all the work they have done this has therefore allowed their brands to be well recognized and well trusted.


These traits are what you should look for in a music producer because they are the hallmarks of greatness.

If you’re an aspiring music producer then these things listed here are what you should use as reference for your journey.

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