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What Programs Do Sound Engineers Use?

Sound engineers being the technical handlers of audio use a variety of computer programs to help them achieve their goals.

The goals of sound engineering are mostly to do with recording, mixing, balancing, production, editing, mastering etc.

All the mentioned tasks are related to the job and are the reason why it’s important that you as a sound engineer choose a program you can get comfortable with and continue to use in the long run.

This post will discuss the best software programs that can help you in your sound engineering work…..if you’re a beginner looking for the best software you can use for sound engineering then you just stumbled upon the right post,

so do stick around as I give you some of the best DIGITAL audio Workstations that I personally use and recommend.


Cubase is a DIGITAL audio Workstation that I’ve used for a long time and still remains a particular favourite of mine.

It has 3 paid versions which makes it convenient if you’re a beginner looking to try out it out first before purchasing the full pro version.

The good part is you still get full professional ability in any version of cubase, but the latest versions are a bit more advanced with a couple additions here and there.

Cubase basically allows for audio recording, midi sequencing, real time automation and offline audio processing which is vital for somebody that can’t have access to an internet connection all day.

Furthermore, the cubase software program has a lot of digital plugins that you can use in your audio engineering ….therefore you won’t have to spend a lot on outsourced plugins…. a few specific additions to the already existing plugins will be necessary but atleast you won’t have to start from scratch.


Pro Tools at this point is an industry standard DAW.

With Pro Tools, you get a clean working environment that can help YOU easily work on your editing, mixing, processing etc.

This is a DAW I’d recommend for sound engineers involved in film, music, video games and broadcast…. Because pro tools has some of the best technology an features that can only be exhibited by very few software programs.

The only limitation is that it doesn’t allow VST and AU plugin support which is quite common. However there are some work around available for this and I cover them in this article.

FL Studio

FL Studio has been and still is my all time favourite Digital Audio Workstation and is one of the best audio production software programs.

I recommend FL Studio for users that are doing music related sound engineering as well production because I primarily use it as a beat making tool.

FL studio is heavily used in the hiphop genre and it’s safe to say almost half of the industry utilizes it somehow. It is beginner friendly which makes it great for newbies that want to get a lay of the land.

An added plus is that FL Studio won’t cost you a million dollars to purchase, it is pretty much cheap so do check it out.

Logic Pro

The latest version of Logic pro is Logic Pro X 10.5 which has been called out to be the biggest update in Logic since it was launched.

Primarily for apple users, Logic Pro X is one of the best sound engineering tools out on the market right now. With this Digital Audio Workstation you get great and advanced functionality

I’d advise people already in audio engineering to for this program but newbies may find it a bit challenging.

Presonus Studio One

If you’re looking for an easy to use DAW that can allow for fast functionality then you should definitely consider Presonus Studio One.

Studio One makes it super easy for you to lay down beats, record audio, edit, mix, and master.

It is quite similar with Pro Tools without all the unnecessary mouse clicks and rearranged menus. For most people Studio One is great substitute for Pro Tools because you won’t have to deal with all that subscription pricing stuff that can get pretty expensive pretty fast.

This is a genuinely good DAW that I’d recommend for anyone that is looking for a serious sound engineering Digital Audio Workstation that can perform as a standardized tool relevant for audio production work.

Adobe Audition

Another great pick for sound engineering programs is Adobe Audition. It has been around for a long time which makes it ideal.

The latest Adobe Audition you purchase now will be more effective and better than the earlier versions.

This is a software program I’d recommend for people that are into podcast sound engineering, film, music, video games etc.

Ableton Live

Ableton live is declared as one of the best DAW programs for music production. This is true because it is the most preferred by most music producers especially those deeply rooted in Electronic Dance Music or EDM for short.

With the latest version of Ableton you basically get cool new features like easy track comping and linking features. Plus a few more added instruments that you can use in your beat making.

Definitely a DAW for music work.

The downside is that Ableton live doesn’t come cheap, so you’ll have to invest a couple of hundreds into acquring this DAW.


For the amount of value you get for Reaper, it is certainly one of the more affordable Digital Audio Workstations that won’t take a lot of money out of your pocket.

Reaper is certainly a great option for anyone looking to do some serious work in sound engineering.


Finally we can get to reason.

With Reason you get a very unique workflow, it is certainly one DAW I recommend for those in the music production area of audio production.

What Programs Do Sound Engineers Use?
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