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Where Do Rappers Buy Beats?

The internet has provided the means for all rappers and artists to be able to connect with talented people to help them achieve and make great records.

This post will discuss the various places where rappers get beats for their records… So if you’re somebody new to the rap scene and haven’t been able to find some high quality work, this will be a good post……

So read it fully as I share some good places you can find some beats.

Be reminded that I’ll stick to resources where you have to pay and I will not cover anything to do with free beats because I want you to be able to atleast get licences for your beats so you don’t run into any copyright problems.

With that said let’s looks the places where rappers buy beats;


A platform like BeatStars is one of the places that rappers are able to purchase beats. This is one platform I highly recommend because it has all genres of music and a variety of producers that can help you find what you’re looking for.

Another great advantage is that beat stars has beats that are cheap as well as expensive so you can pretty much determine what you can afford and get on Beatstars.com and be on your way to locating some high quality content.


YouTube for musicians and producers is mainly used as a marketing tool that can round up an audience, target them and hopefully turn them into clients.

Music producers are widely known to have their beats up on YouTube because it is much easier for them to find possible clients that can buy beats.

The good thing about using YouTube is that it can help you do a thorough search for the particular beats you’re looking for, plus you can also hire a beat maker or producer to make something unique for you.


Instagram is also another place you can find a lot of beats and a lot of producers. These days almost every time I scroll through my instagram timeline i get to see an ad from somebody selling beats.

You can leverage Instagram to be a platform where you can connect with a variety of music producers aswell as artists. This can be a great thing because Instagram can be used as an all purpose tool for collaboration.


Facebook is an underrated platform but it is quite an effective tool, in that; it can help you connect with a wide audience as well as help you get in touch with possible collaborators.

You can simply conduct a search in your facebook search bar for the beats you want and you’ll get a variety of search results.

I’m not really a Facebook fan but it’s an option to explore if you’re looking to get some beats.


Airbit like Beatstars is another online beat selling plaftform that has producers from all over the world. It is another source that music producers use to get beats and it is definitely worth checking out.


Twitter is another great platform that can help you get in touch with music producers that can be able to sell you beats.

You can use the twitter search engine to search for “beats” and you’ll get all tweets related to that search as well as user accounts that may have utilized that keyword or have it somewhere in their bio or name.

Twitter will allow you to follow a lot of music producers which can be a great thing because it can open up opportunities for collaboration aswell as good relationships.

One of the best A&Rs on twitter is SJ Manager that works with various artists and producers. It is worth checking out her profile.


A&Rs are the people responsible for finding talent on behalf of record labels. they can be a great resource to help you find some beats.

The only catch is getting in touch with them and actually getting them to point you towards somebody that can produce some beats for you.

If you’re signed to a label it is much easier because you’ll have an A&R working for the label who can easily find producers that can work with you. But if you don’t have a label deal, you can still build relationships with A&Rs and they can help you in the future.

Fellow Artists

One of the least talked about ways of getting beats is from fellow artists. most of the times musicians will have a lot of beats from different producers, some of these beats they may never use and they could be willing to give them to you if you have a good relationship with them.

Final Thoughts

The best places to find beats are beat selling platforms like Beatstars and Airbit. Social media can also be a great source plus it can give you the added benefit of connecting with people.

If you have a label deal or know some A&Rs you can also use them to help you find music producers and beats.

Lastly, your fellow artists can point you towards good producers that can sell you some beats.

Where Do Rappers Buy Beats?
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