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Why Are VST Plugins So Expensive?

VST plugins are the most used tools in music production,

this is because a large part of music production is now software based.

So then, Why are VST Plugins so expensive?

VST Plugins are expensive because they are heavily pirated and to account for the low sales volume companies strategically price their VST plugins in way that allows them to turn a profit without losing out too much. Therefore plugins being expensive is a means to protect profits and make business worthwhile while providing great value to customers.

Companies also offer subscriptions for their Plugins which allows users to pay a fairly expensive first time fee,

and continue getting updates for a smaller charge.

While some other plugins may be highly priced it is very easy to come by fairly priced ones that can provide you a great deal of value.


Creation of high quality VST Plugins demands a lot of work as you might imagine.

Musicians have to be hired,

Programmers have to deal with creating the basic plugin and designers will need to develop the required interface of the plugin.

All these costs put together easily come in the hundreds of thousands.

Hardware Vs. Software

Software VST plugins are also expensive because of the value they give to the user.

Hardware comes with risk of being destroyed or being worn out,

with software, you’re guaranteed use for as long as your computer is still able to run.

Plus, you can use your VST Plugins on multiple computers if you purchase them, which is really convenient in this day and age.

Secondly, software plugins allow you the luxury of having to spend less time dealing with the switch from hardware to software.

You can easily load up your VST Plugin and start making music without the process of hooking up your hardware plugin.

Therefore this elimination of risk of wear and tear is another reason why developers of VST plugin may charge a higher price.


expensive VST plugins are created with the utmost precision which makes them more reliable and better sounding than most hardware,

this is another reason why some VSTs are expensive.

Why are effects plugins so expensive?

They are costly to create which makes them that much more expensive.

The companies developing these products set a price that can help them cover their costs, shield them against piracy and give them a decent profit margin to make the project worth while.

Do I need plugins?

Plugins allow you access to a variety of sounds and elements that can better your music.

You definitely will require a good variety of plugins to assist you in your work.

The more you become accustomed to music production, the more you’ll realize that taking care of certain aspects of production requires specific tools,

and these tools are not always freely available in your Digital Audio Workstation.

Why is Fruity-Loops so expensive?

FL Studio is one of the best music production software available on the market.

It is expensive because of the immense value that comes with it.

FL comes with a lot of pre-loaded free VST plugins and effects that would cost even more when sold independently.

Therefore to account for the immense value and costs,

a certain price point has to be set.

Are Plugins worth?

Definitely worth it.

You need to be able to have a diverse sound catalog that can give you the means to create with very little limits.

Therefore spending money on VST plugins is more of an investment rather than an expense.


It’s very common to find highly priced plugins and fairly priced ones.

Plugin developers spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to create products that can be resourceful for their users,

They have to take into account the costs of production and set a price point that can help them make profit.

Therefore, if their accounting math suggests that they can make profit offering their products at a low price then they’ll definitely set them at a low price.

if their overall expenses and costs dictate that they sell their products at an expensive price to realise profit then that’s exactly what they’ll do.

in addition to that, VST Plugins are highly pirated and

this is also heavily taken into consideration when setting the price.

But don’t be too focussed on the the price when you’re shopping for VSTs,

It’s much more essential to look at the value that the VST can provide to you.

which is why it is essential to have a test drive of the plugin by simply getting a free trial if it’s on offer.

Once you get the free trial you can use the VST to come up with your own scrutiny about why you need it or why you would not.

Tools for production depend on user preference, what others might like, may not work for you and vice versa.

Therefore take the needed time to find out as much as you can about the product.

Also be on the look out for cheaper plugins, it’s not always that high price means high value.

Do your research.

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Why Are VST Plugins So Expensive?

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