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Why Do Most Producers Use FL Studio?

FL Studio has become one of the most popular digital audio workstations on the market. There are many reasons for this.

Many professionals have adopted it which is surprising because there were so many negative remarks aimed at FL when Image Line released its first versions.

A lot of people looked down on FL because its user interface didn’t look like other DAWs. This reason led to many people not taking FL Studio as a digital audio workstation.

In this post I’m going to discuss why FL Studio has been adopted by many producers.

Without wasting time, let’s get right into it.

Why do most producers use FL Studio?

There are so many reasons why most producers use FL Studio and I’m going to discuss some of the major reasons why this is so.

It’s an entry level DAW

FL Studio is the main goto DAW for most people that are now just getting into music production.

Beat making is essentially the choice that most people start with when looking to get into music production and FL Studio provides a good starting point for this.

There are many daws out there and you have unlimited options to choose from. Starting out on FL Studio can be a great way to learn production basics with some ease.

It’s user friendly DAW

This point is generally a continuation of the previous point. What makes FL Studio the choice for many producers whether beginners or advanced is that it is a user friendly DAW.

It doesn’t have a lot of complexity with it and its interface basically shows this.

Many people often seek out software that is not hard to use in order to make production and other processes relatively easy.

FL Studio provides this ease of use and its one of the reasons why it’s been adopted by most mainstream producers.

Back in the day, FL Studio was given flack for its “beginner” interface. Today, its interface being beginner-esque is perhaps one of the reasons why most people have adopted it.

People don’t want complexity in software especially when doing already complex work.

It is a complete Workstation

Another reason why FL Studio is the goto DAW for most music producers is that it is a complete audio workstation.

By this, I mean, You can make beats in FL Studio, record vocals, mix and master them.

While there are many DAWs out there that are great for music production. Not all of them offer complete audio production capabilities.

Most DAWs are just beat making daws or mixing and mastering DAWs.

With FL Studio, you’re guaranteed the ability to start a music project in FL and finish it off in FL without having to switch to other DAWs for any other needed or additional functionality.

Let’s face it, the appeal of doing all your work in one DAW makes a lot of sense for anyone doing audio production work.

FL Community resources

Another reason why FL Studio is the goto DAW for most people is because there’s so many FL resources available online.

You can pretty much find so much educational content online that can take you from being a beginner that knows nothing about music production, to a qualified music producer.

These resources or educational community resources are not only beneficial to beginners but are also highly relevant to advanced producers that are already producing music.

It is relatively cheap

Let’s face it, most high end DAWs are pretty expensive these days. FL Studio has maintained a manageable price that is not too expensive or too cheap.

This is why most music producers flock toward this DAW.

Think about it, spending a couple of hundred bucks to start making your own music is really a bargain.

It is popular among producers

There are many music producers out there that make music on FL Studios and this is one of the many reasons why most music producers have adopted it.

Renowned producers like Metro Boomin are known to use FL Studio for their production. This has pretty much solidified the credibility of FL Studio.

With this credibility comes a heap of demand for it by producers looking to try out software being used by the professionals.

Final Thoughts

FL Studio is the DAW of choice among many music producers because of its easy to use interface. It allows users to record, compose, mix and master music which makes it a complete DAW. This appeal combined with the amount of free educational resources online has made FL Studio one of the most preffered & used DAWS in the world.

Why Do Most Producers Use FL Studio?

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