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Why Do Music Producers Use Mac’s?

When it comes to hardware, preference only plays a small part in the final purchasing decision. Usually, a person will get certain gear after they read a lot of reviews online or simply encounter somebody that has had experience with the said gear.

Let’s discuss computer preference because it is a question that has been brought up a lot around many music production communities that I’m in, specifically why most music producers choose to use MACs.

Most music producers will choose to use MACs because they are generally better. The bottom line is that OSX is optimised and does very well in the Audio and Video production space. It has quite a stable operating system that exhibits little to no latency when working with huge audio plugins, hardware and other DAW Software.

This posts will go deeper into what makes MAC become the choice for most music producers, so keep reading because this post will provide some better insight into macs.

Bad PC Experience

Believe it or not, bad experiences with windows PC’s is the major reason I started using MAC to handle most of my music production work.

PCs are not as stable as MACs and this makes them difficult to work with especially if you run huge sessions that require alot of CPU juice to operate.

I’ve found MAC to be much straightforward to work with and I use it to handle most of my sensitive projects.

Hardware Quality

Macs generally have a better build and do extremely well in the audio production space.

OSX is highly optimised to perform as seamlessly as possible when it comes to audio production work. This is possible because apple products are well known for using high end components that provide the best value.

After producing for so long, I can easily say that Mac has just been better since the old days.

Back in the day, most people chose to work with Macs because they were that much easier to work with and this is still the present day case.


Having the best operating system in the world is great but what essentially matters more is how well it work when it is subjected to tasks that require heavy CPU usage.

In my opinion, your system best shows you what its capable of or not when you subject it to a heavy workload.

This leads to another factor that makes Macs the go to Computer for music production. Macs are highly stable  and their OS is designed to give the user the best possible experience with fewer to no errors or shortfalls in the system’s services.

Audio Drivers

One of the most irritating things that I really hated when I worked with windows PC full time is the issue of Audio Drivers.

It really meant not being able to use equipment until you had the necessary driver for the gear you intended to use on your PC.

This is a limitation that I know is experienced by many, which is why most producers gravitate more toward MACs.

With MACs you don’t have to worry about installing drivers to work with particular gear, you basically just have to plug and play.

Apple controls both hardware and software, so all of the necessary drivers for the average consumer are bundled with the operating system.

In order to use specialty hardware, you may need to install drivers.

This makes MAC the preferred music production DAW for most people including myself.

Less Viruses

One ordeal that comes with dealing with windows PCs is battling viruses.

Let’s face it, there’s really nothing more frustrating than losing your data due to a virus attack.

Windows users have to battle viruses for years and years and still battle them today.

To avoid losing data or files getting corrupted rendering them unusable, most music producers choose to work with MAC computers.

It’s not that MAC doesn’t have or encounter any viruses, it’s that you’ll deal with a lot less viruses on MAC OSX.

No Crashes

Most of the points discussed in this post simply point to just how stable MACs are.

One of the qualities that comes with using a MAC for your music production work is that macs are not easily susceptible to system crashes as Windows PC’s

Logic Pro

Believe it or not Logic Pro alone is one of reasons why most music producers choose to work in MACs.

The advantage that comes with working with a MAC is that Logic pro is engineered closely with the hardware which drastically improves the functionality and performance of the DAW.

Furthermore you get access to Garageband which is lighter version of Logic Pro that you can use as a gateway into production. Once you get well acquainted with Garageband you can then make a swift transition to Logic Pro.

The stability that comes with a DAW being optimised with the hardware is really something you need in music production because most of the problems that arise with windows involve a limitation between a system and the software being run on it.

To avert this, music producers often choose to work with MAC.


Latency can be a pain if you’re looking to work on your production work.

It can be most annoying when working on a large session with a lot of parts to be recorded, instruments to be played live etc.

With MAC computers you’ll experience very little latency because their hardware is optimised to offer stability and combat latency at all costs.

OS X has a kernel-space low latency audio API built into the OS. This means that pro audio applications can get ultra low latency access to the system’s audio hardware right out of the box.

Solid state standard

MAC’s are the go-to computers for most music producers partly because they come with solid state drives that are pretty fast and make working with them quite Convenient.

This is absolutely necessary when handling and opening big project files, running software etc.


The build of MAC PCs also makes them the go-to for producers because they are lightweight and pretty easy to carry.

You don’t have to worry about dragging a heavy laptop whilst on the move, MAC is lightweight which makes it pretty much easy to move around with.

Why Do Music Producers Use Mac’s?
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