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Why Is 432 Hz Special?

You may or may not have come across the 432Hz frequency because it is one of the most talked about. You’ll also find the number 432 on most YouTube video titles.

Various doctors and other medical professionals speak have spoken and continue to speak about this frequency which begs the question; “what is so special about the 432Hz frequency?”

In this article I’m going to discuss this and hopefully it sheds more light about this topic because I continuously get questioned about it.

With that said, let’s get right into it.

Why is 432 Hz special?

The 432 Hz frequency is famous because It is said to be the natural frequency of the universe. Most claims also state that this frequency is softer, brighter, and provides greater clarity and is easier on the ears. Most meditation music today is said to be  tuned to 432 Hz in order to provide relaxation for the body and mind.

Most of the modern day music we listen to is tuned at 440 Hz but various claims have stated that music tuned at 432 Hz sounds better.

More about 432 Hz

Of course this frequency is not some new recent scientific discovery or anything,  the 432 Hz frequency is simply interesting.

Most claims state that the 432 resonates better and clearer with water, and since our bodies are mostly water, it is able to resonate a lot better with us.

A little history

During the Baroque-classical era, people in various cities began to start tuning their instruments higher and higher to sound better than the other orchestras.

There are some spiritual concepts that are associated with 432 Hz, but most people don’t really take these seriously.

432 or 440

But what we can conclude is that music tends to be more relaxed when it is tuned to 432Hz as compared to the traditional 440Hz that we are constantly exposed to.

Numerous people have carried out various experiments that support this.

Perhaps this is one of the reasons why there are so many YouTube videos with the frequency 432 attached to them.

Tuning down

Tuning stringed instruments lower affects their timbre which is the color or texture of their sound.

Since the strings are basically held in place by tension alone, having a bit less makes the stringed instruments easier and more agreeable to play.

Which is why tuning down from 440 to 432hz makes all the difference.


High-strung energy and high tension has become quite the big  issue within Western culture.

People don’t really know how to relax or use their bodies, and they don’t spend much time thinking or learning about it as much.

That’s why practices like yoga, meditation, and other eastern concepts of flow and energy have become popularised.

It’s obviously evident that these things are greatly needed in the West now.

People are always searching for ways to relieve the tension and the bad energy in their lives.

For some, this seems completely reasonable, but some people find it to be highly theoretical.

But one thing we can all agree on is that we all need to find ways to relieve tension some how.

And reducing tension in your life has health benefits.

With that said, Music that has a more relaxed timbre because it’s tuned lower helps reduce that tension.

It’s not some magic wand or anything, and no one is expressely claiming that it is.

However, it’s rather enjoyable to play with and listen to.

There are plenty videos of music and other things tuned to the 432 Hz frequency on YouTube.

Check them out.

If you have access to an instrument you could also try to play around with the tuning and see what kind of sound you end up with.

Final Thoughts

For most people 432 Hz  has important influence on the spiritual development of the listeners. 

For more inner peace most people will direct you to listen to 432 Hz because it gives more clarity than 440 Hz.

Researchers claim that they feel calmer, happier and  more relaxed and fulfilled when playing and listening at 432 Hz. 

People also state that listening to music based on 440 Hz blocks energy while simply lowering pitch by just 8 Hz makes us more joyful & relaxed.

From all research I gathered for this post this pretty much sums everything up:

Music that is tuned to 432 Hz is more friendly on the ear and has the ability to unite the listeners to the universal harmony and generates positive effects on mind and body.

In short,  432 Hz music can fill the mind with a sense of peace and well being. 

Music that has been tuned to the scientific 432 Hz releases emotional blockages and is said to be most beneficial to people.

Why Is 432 Hz Special?
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