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Why is Composing Music So Hard?

Song composing is no easy job. Anyone that is a writer of music will tell you that creativity isn’t always available for musicians to tap into at their convenience.

I basically make beats every day and I know just how hard composing can be.

For a newbie that wants to get into composing, knowing why composing is difficult, is important.

There isn’t an industry or career path that doesn’t come without challenges. Therefore, if you’re an aspiring composer looking to get started,

I’ll discuss several reasons why composing is hard.
So… Why is composing music so hard?

Composing music generally involves a lot that’s why it’s difficult. You not only need the skill set of a musician, you also need to be a creator or artist that can compose using pure, inner and external inspiration to create something unique.

There are a number of other reasons why composing is difficult and I’m going to discuss the big ones below.

Not having the skill set

One of the reasons why composing music is so difficult is because people just don’t have the skill set needed to compose music.

Even for the skilled musician or Composer, composing is not always an easy task. This inherently means it’s bound to be more difficult for people without the skillset.

So before you reconsider your music career I’d advise you to assess how much skill you have.

If you don’t have all the skills needed to compose then that could be one of the potential reasons why you’re finding it difficult to compose.

There are other reasons why composing is difficult of course but I believe not possessing music composing skills is at the top of the list.

Learning how to compose takes time

Another reason why most people find it difficult to compose music well is because composing itself is a learning process.

If you’ve ever looked into what the highest form of learning is, then you probably know that Creation is the highest form of learning.

This should tell you that learning takes time.

Music has a lot of facets to it and most people are taught to practice what they learn which is not a bad thing but it mostly leads people to discovering musical composition skills that they lack.

It takes time to get good at creating music and I believe through practice and constant learning, one can get there.

Any form of art requires hard work

Music is art, painting is art. So many things are artistic in their

Art of any form takes a lot of effort and hardwork to get good at.

This is one of the reasons why most people find composing to be a challenging feat.

Art draws from a humans ability to create on pure inspiration. It’s not an easy task because it involves making something out of literally nothing.

As a composer, you’re basically an artists that expresses or creates art using music.

This is not always easy.

The bar is set so high

Let’s face it, the bar of music composition has been set so high by many great musicians.

For example, Mozart was known for his extensive and excellent knowledge of the piano and music theory.

To this day, his compositions are studied and performed because of the sheer greatness behind them.

Any composer out there knows just how high the bar is set, musically.

This is one reason why composing is hard. All composers essentially pit their skills against great compositions.

And it’s not always easy to make music to that standard.

Writing music is not an easy skill set

Composing involves the ability to write music.

Writing music is an entirely different skill set or a “sub-niche” in the broader niche of composing.

This is really not an easy skill to learn and requires a deep understanding of music and what it actually involves.

Inspiration fades

Another reason why composing music is difficult is because inspiration fades. When it does, composing music becomes difficult for most.

This is something that I can attest to. Creative blocks are to be expected by anybody that creates art.

So, don’t beat yourself up too much.

Sometimes you just need a break from composing. Take a day or two away from music and then get back to it.

This way you allow your mind to reset and this can help you compose better.

Inspiration is helpful in creative art but at the end of it all, you need to also understand your creative process because It is as unique as your identity.

Why is Composing Music So Hard?

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