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Why Is It Harder To Sing In The Studio?

Becoming a good recording artist doesn’t only involve your skill as a musician. It also involves your vocal recording skills in the studio.

It helps to understand the dynamics of recording music because it will feel very weird at first.

For most musicians it take months to become comfortable recording in studios. This is completely understandable.

With that said, I’m going to use my experience as a music producer to explain why it may feel harder to sing in the studio.

Now that you know what this post is about, let’s address the million dollar question!

Why is it harder to sing in the studio?

Most people find it challenging to sing in the studio primarily out of fear. However, the more one records the more comfortable they get and the easier singing and recording in the studio becomes.

Let’s get into more reasons why most people find it particularly difficult to sing in the studio.

Lack of confidence

People that generally have low confidence find it challenging to record and sing in the studio.

It’s certainly a new experience for most people which could be one of the reasons why most people find it challenging.

However, if you’re confident in your singing you should be able to get through recording easily.

Not used to recording

Singing for an audience and singing to record music are two different things.

Recording can be challenging and most people it difficult to sing as they do in other arenas.

Some people may even find it hard to sing even half as good as they sing in other settings.

However, You shouldn’t worry too much about finding it challenging to sing in the studio if you’re a complete beginner to recording.

 Because being new recording is probably the reason why you’re finding it difficult to sing and possibly record.

Too many people present in the studio

If there’s too many people present in the studio, you’ll most likely find it hard to sing out of fear of being judged.

This is one of the reasons why most people record without any people present in the studio.

Lack of practice

Going to record without practice or preparing for a session makes it more than difficult to have an easy recording experience.

Most people walk into sessions with the intent to record. But without practice, the results are a lot of mistakes being made.

How to make singing in the studio easier

Let’s look at some of the things that you can do to make it easy for you to sing in a studio.

Be confident

If you know you’re good at singing, that should be enough confidence for you to go to a studio and record.

Don’t overthink things, do your best and ask the room for feedback.

If there are no people present in the studio you can ask the engineer for feedback.

Getting honest opinions about your singing will give you the chance to record and fix your mistakes which will in turn give you confidence.

Record more

A great way to gather confidence is to record more music. The more you record the more confident you’ll become at it.

Even the best of musicians once found it difficult to sing in the studio, but with practice, they got good at it.

So don’t lose hope, get used to recording studios and you’ll get better at singing or recording in them.

Sing in front of people

In order to become confident at singing In recording studios you need to overcome your fear of singing in public.

A great way to do this is to get used to sing in front of people.

Volunteer to sing in a band so you get used to the prospect of people hearing you sing.

You don’t always have to join a band. You can also sing in front of people you know like your parents, siblings any other relatives etc.

You’ll find it a lot easier to sing without worrying about what other people will think of your singing when you get used to singing in front of people. So, do it often.

Practice and prepare before sessions

One of the main reasons why most people find it challenging to record in a studio is lack of preparation.

If you didn’t prepare for the record you need to record, you’ll find your studio session difficult.

Therefore, a great way to build confidence is to prepare and practice the song you intend to record. This way, you can walk into the session and just rinse and repeat what you practiced.

Sit in other peoples sessions

Another great way to combat the fear of recording in studios is to sit in other peoples sessions and learn from them.

Sitting in other peoples sessions will also make you comfortable being in the studio.

Why Is It Harder To Sing In The Studio?
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