Month: June 2021

Is It Illegal To Stream Your Own Music?

Streaming platforms have gained their popularity since they emerged on the market. They’ve made the independent musician’s distribution much easier. These days you don’t have to worry about distribution because you can simply sign up with tunecore and be well on tour way to reaching a global audience. Anybody that is a musician has at […]

How To Make Mixes Less Muddy And More Clearer

Mixing music is no simple job. It requires a good ear that can understand the overall mix and how well all elements coordinate with each other. With that said, there’s really nothing more frustrating than having to deal with a muddy mix. It takes the fun out of the song and drowns some of the […]

What Is The Difference Between A Loop And A Sample?

For music production, terms like samples and loops are something that are highly used. You may wonder what differentiates the two. Don’t worry, this post has you covered. so let’s get into it… What is the difference between a loop and a sample? A loop is a composition composed in a way that allows it […]

Where Do Music Producers Get Their Sounds?

Being a newbie in the music production world comes with a lot of questions and this is normal. You need to have the right questions because the answer to these questions can help propel you toward a successful career. I’ve spent many years producing music and designing sounds. Therefore this article will uncover where music […]

What Should I Start With When Making A Beat?

Beat Making is a very valuable skill for anyone that is interested in music production. It can make your work a whole lot easier and can provide additional income that you can change for beat making services. With that said, the technical part of beat making can be quite complex leaving most people with a […]

Best Books For Mixing And Mastering Audio

Anybody that is involved in the audio production world should have good reference material like books. This is true for beginners that want to have a wealth of information readily available for them to call upon. There are several books that are publicly available for mixing and mastering and they all have their unique elements […]

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