What Is A Reference Microphone?

There are different types of microphones out there and they all serve their own unique end for the user. One of the most important microphones are reference microphones and I feel like they are not discussed enough. Most newbie music producers ask what reference microphones actually, therefore this post will discuss this……In order to give… Continue reading What Is A Reference Microphone?

Do Bass Strings Rust?

Wear and tear is always something you have to take into account when it comes to working with guitar strings. You have to know when it is time to replace them. Most newbie bass players I work with usually ask if bass strings do indeed rust. This post will therefore discuss this to give you… Continue reading Do Bass Strings Rust?

Phantom Power, Will It Affect Sound Quality? (LEARN MORE)

Phantom power will not affect the quality of your microphone. Condenser microphones rely simply on phantom power to provide enough power for them to be usable. If the device is built to supply the correct voltage, very low ripple (good filtering), decent quality components, and enough headroom to remain stable for the load, you shouldn’t… Continue reading Phantom Power, Will It Affect Sound Quality? (LEARN MORE)