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How Can I Make My Mic Quality Better?

Recording music requires that you have the right equipment so you can carry it out properly. The most important tool in recording is obviously your microphone because it is the primary recording tool. With that said, having a microphone is the easy part. You now have to figure out how to make your microphone sound […]

How Do I Prolong The Life Of My Guitar Strings?

A guitar player of any skill level or genre greatly relies on the strings of the guitar. Getting a new guitar can be great because you’d naturally expect to produce high quality sound with new strings…… but the fact of the matter is strings don’t last a lifetime. Therefore it helps to have a general […]

Phantom Power, Will It Affect Sound Quality? (LEARN MORE)

Phantom power will not affect the quality of your microphone. Condenser microphones rely simply on phantom power to provide enough power for them to be usable. If the device is built to supply the correct voltage, very low ripple (good filtering), decent quality components, and enough headroom to remain stable for the load, you shouldn’t […]

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