Month: June 2020

How To Export Track Outs In FL Studio

FL Studio has become the go-to DAW for most producers nowadays due to the rise in its popularity and its user friendly nature. Many professional music producers like Metro Boomin’, Southside, Zaytoven and many others are known to use it in their production work. In the music production world, it is an essential requirement to […]

What Is The Difference Between Mixing And Mastering A Song?

There is a misconception about mixing and mastering, these two music production concepts are used so closely that you might perceive them as a singular activity. In reality these are two different processes. Mixing involves blending, leveling, editing and perfecting of multiple vocal and instrumental tracks to make a song, while mastering is the enhancement […]

How To Record Music At Home Without Noise

Over the years, I’ve worked in so many different home studio setups, and I’ve encountered so many different challenges that come with recording in your home. One of those challenges is getting rid of noise in the recording space.  If you are reading this right now you probably have had some trouble with background unintentional […]

Is An Audio Interface Necessary For A Home Studio?

Having the right gear for your home studio is an absolute necessity. Music production is computer based nowadays which makes it important to understand software as much as hardware. Audio Interfaces are optimized for maximum quality audio production, they also act as high quality external sound cards that have outputs for microphones and instruments, which […]

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