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Month: February 2022

What Does On Axis Mean For A Microphone?

Dealing with recoding microphones is not easy work at all…. But, for most audiophiles it’s pretty enjoyable work. Microphones have various applications and specs which allow you to do certain things…. For example, you may have come across the term “on-axis” which is a popular feature that you’ll find on most mics. This post will […]

What Does It Mean When A Mic Is Off-axis?

There are various nuances that come with sound engineering equipment. Something as simple as a microphone can be a complicated tool for audiophiles trying to use them in a very specific way. This post will walk you through what “off-axis” means because it’s probably something you’ll run into when dealing with recording gear especially mics. […]

What Is An Aux Track?

Analog  mixing consoles just like Digital Audio Workstations possess a number of tracks. For example, you can connect a microphone to a channel and record directly into that track. If you’ve been in music production or simply work in audio production, then you’ve obviously encountered the term “aux track”… It’s an important part of mixing […]

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