Can You Use TRS As TS?

Deciding on which connection type to go with depends on a lot of things. You have to decide what you’re looking to accomplish as well as  understand different types of connection and how they’re used. Of course audio production work requires that you use good connections that can deliver noise free recordings. This post will… Continue reading Can You Use TRS As TS?

Are Balanced Cables Louder?

Cabling is such an important aspect in audio production equipment because it allows us to hook up all of the systems we need for our work station. There are a number of different cables out there that usually fall under two categories which are balanced and unbalanced. In this post we are discussing balanced cables.… Continue reading Are Balanced Cables Louder?

Can You Master A WAV file?

In today’s world we are privileged to collaborate with other music producers in order to not only share ideas but also create great music together. If you have collaborated before in mixing or mastering then you know that its essential to send and receive the right files for mastering because there are certain rules. For… Continue reading Can You Master A WAV file?

Why Is Mastering So Hard?

Music production is challenging work that requires both passion and good technical skills to get right. In this post we are focusing on mastering, specifically; why it is so challenging for most people. Mastering is the last stage in the music production process but before you even get to renaming your track in order to… Continue reading Why Is Mastering So Hard?