Why Is Bass Overlooked?

Bass is such an important part of music even though most people simply never talk about it enough. One of the key functions of bass is to provide general direction to the entire track. But perhaps the most important function of bass is to provide the much needed low end frequencies that become the meat… Continue reading Why Is Bass Overlooked?

Can You Soundproof An Existing Wall?

If you’ve had to deal with acoustics or acoustic management then you’ve obviously come across soundproofing. Soundproofing is important in maintaining and controlling acoustics in a room. Sound travels via air therefore knowing how to control it within a room requires some precision and a good working understanding of acoustics. Soundproof experts will soundproof various… Continue reading Can You Soundproof An Existing Wall?

What Is The Point Of Bass?

Music involves the use of instruments to basically provide meaning to the lyrics by adding rhythm and melody which is literally music. Knowing how each instrument works and its purpose in music is important because it helps us understand music as a whole, as well as the significance of instruments as parts that combine to… Continue reading What Is The Point Of Bass?

What Is Tonal Sound?

Knowing the properties of sound and its various nuances is important for somebody working in audio production. There are various things to know about sound and this point one particular kind of sound called the Tonal Sound. You’ve probably come across the term “tone” if you work in audio production. It’s a good idea to… Continue reading What Is Tonal Sound?