Author : Chewe Kalamata

What Is An Aux Track?

Analog  mixing consoles just like Digital Audio Workstations possess a number of tracks. For example, you can connect a microphone to a channel and record directly into that track. If you’ve been in music production or simply work in audio production, then you’ve obviously encountered the term “aux track”… It’s an important part of mixing […]

Is Phantom Power Bad For Dynamic Mics?

Microphones are built differently and because of this, they pretty much work differently depending on the work they are meant to deliver to the user. Dynamic microphones for example don’t require phantom power which is necessary for most condenser microphones. Phantom power is 48 volts that is necessary to power on a condenser and without […]

Should You Use Mic Gain? (Learn The Truth)

Music production has so many processes and technical bits that surround it. Microphones for example are tools that we used to capture vocals so that we can edit them in our various Digital Audio Workstations. It’s therefore a good thing to understand how certain controls work and how they affect recordings. Microphone gain for example, […]

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