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Can A Music Producer Get Signed?

Music producers are the architects behind most radio hits. They provide the right techniques and tools to ensure that a song is recorded, mixed and mastered to perfection.

Record deals are popularly known as artist deals that involve the collaboration of the record label and the artist to work together in order to generate income that can then be split.

Music producers do get signed to record labels but it’s not as easy as artists have it. Usually, the producer will have to exhibit talent and the skill to produce commercially successful and acceptable music. The reputation, buzz and following of a music producer will be part of the various nuances that are taken into account before a record label can actually offer a deal. However, record labels that are specifically meant for producers can easily sign music producers with the skill and talent to get the job done.

Factors that Determine Whether a Producer will get signed

There are various factors that record labels look at before they consider signing a music producer.

Let’s get into each of these factors to further understand what it actually takes to be able to scoop a deal.

Production Credits

Production credits basically show the songs which the producer has had a hand in.

A credit is basically given to show a music producers participation in the creation of a record. Record labels use this to determine how much work a producer has done and how fruitful their work has been.

Production credits from famous music and artists will put the producer at an advantage to be considered for a record label deal.

Production credits also demonstrate your work style, versatility and ability to produce commercial hit records.

The more you can demonstrate your prowess the better your chances of getting a deal.

For record labels that solely interested in music producers like Internet Money;

Production credits can get you a long way but skill and dedication will ultimately determine if a label will want to work with you.

This is why it’s important to have good skills.


Your following as a producer will also determine whether a record label will want to sign you or not.

Having an established brand that people know makes it easier for a record label to push your records and take them to the next level.

The record label will have to do very little marketing for your brand, this will save on the cost which makes it that much more sensible to get you on their side.

A following also shows that your music as producer is accepted and marketable which is more appealing for people (the record label) that are looking for a ready market to which they can push the music.

Back in the day, a following meant being an household name that everybody knew, nowadays having a social media following is enough because everything is being advertised through the internet these days and having an internet base of fans is absolute Gold!

Associates in Music

The people you make records for become your associates and they form part of your network. The record label looking to sign a music producer will want to have a look at their network because it shows their reach within the industry.

Your production credits will mostly do the talking here because they show who you have worked with. These associates show how versatile you are and how well connected you are to other people in the industry.

The fact is that, a record label will easily sign somebody that has proven to be a team player that has worked with several people because it adds credibility to their sound as a whole.

Having a diverse portfolio of credits shows that you can work with different types of artists and different types of music which is highly valuable because record labels want in-house producers that can blend and bend their signature sound in more ways than one.

Record labels sign various talent and artists of different genres. If you can establish that your sound can encompass a number of genres, it puts the label at an advantage because it means they will not have to go through the trouble of outsourcing production.


Accolades make up a music producers accomplishments and awards of recognition for their work.

This basically shows how best a producer has performed compared to others and how well they’ve been able to outshine the competition.

It will be easier for a record label to go for a music producer that has some accolades under their belt.

Offering them a deal can be seen as the best course of action for the label because it can lead to more opportunities and easier penetration into the commercial music industry.

This is one of the deciding factors that a record label may take into consideration. Accolades don’t always come in the form awards, sometimes there are just accomplishments that establish the level of skill and dedication of the producer.


In which ever industry you venture into, the quality of the business you do will heavily depend upon what kind of reputation you have established.

Your reputation will speak for you in places that you cannot be in physically and having a good reputation will definitely help propel your career to the next level.

Record labels will look into a music producers reputation and they may do this by looking into their associates for information about the producer.

Your work ethic is one thing that will be mostly be brought up because it is something that is of vital importance to a record label.

Others experience while working with you will give the label looking to sign you as a producer information about how carry out your work, how connected you are and how best you work with people.

Can A Music Producer Get Signed?
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