Can I Send The Same Beat To Multiple Artist’s?

Music production nowadays has become easier due to the fact that the internet has provided massive leverage for producers to get their beats to artists even without being in the same room with them.

One of the questions that arises when it comes to sending beats to artists is:

“Can you send the same beat to multiple artist’s?”

If you wish to improve the odds of your beat getting placed, sending the same beat to multiple artists can be a great way to do this. Most industry producers that I’ve spoken to, are all for casting a wide net by sending the same beats to different artists because it increases their chances of getting placements.

Artists are usually busy, especially when their careers start to take off. In these situations, they are bombarded with a lot of beats by different producers which makes it even harder for them to use certain beats.

Therefore, sending the same beats around to a few artists can be a good way for the producer to get their beats heard by alot of artists which could lead to placement.

Pros of sending the same beat to different artists

More chances of getting placed

One of pros of sending a beat or beats to more than one artist is that you increase your chances of getting a placement. While some artists may not like your beat or beats, others might…. therefore getting your beat to more than one artist can help you cast a wide net.

Plus it can also help you bring urgency around your beats because artists will know that other artist’s have the beat.

You don’t have to make a lot of beats

The downside of sending different beats to different artists is that you have to constantly make beats to match the artists you plan to send out beats to.

If you’ve been producing beats for a long time, you know that this can be quite draining and can easily burn you out because you have to constantly keep working.

Sending the same beats to the same artist can allow you to make a limited number of beats knowing they’ll be sent to more than one artist.

This is common in the music industry and most producers use this tactic as a way to push for more sales and more placements.

You can capitalize on non-exclusive licences

Another advantage of sending the same beat to different artists is that you can capitalize on non exclusive licences when you have more than one artist that agrees to use the same beat.

A non exclusive license is simply a license in which the artist purchases a temporary license that allows them to use a beat for a specific period of time because they don’t own the exclusive rights and the beat can be sold to more than one person.

People often wonder if its possible to sell the same beat twice. Yes it is. Read this post to learn more.

You can auction beats for a better price

Sending the same beats to different artists allows you to round up artists into an auction where the beat can be purchased by the highest bidder.

This is not entirely good working ethic but can be an advantageous neat little trick that can help you make even more money from your beats.

You’d simply have to send the beat out to several artists, and then explain to them that the beat is being auctioned and ask them what their willing to bud to purchase the beat.

Cons of sending the same beat to different artist’s

There are many advantages to sending the same beat to different artists but there also exist some disadvantages that you have to take into account and consider.

You may lose clientele

One of the first cons of sending the same beat to different artist’s is that you may end up losing clientele because most successful artists don’t want to find  themselves in a  situation where they have to  either give up a beat or risk getting on the same beat as another person.

Most successful artists count on exclusivity when it comes to the beats they intend to use therefore they may not be so comfortable knowing the beats you send them have been sent to other people.

Likely to bring confusion

One thing you can count on when it comes to sending similar beats to different artists is possible confusion.

Two artists may end up using the same beat which could then put you as the producer in a bind of having to choose who the beat goes to.

This can be uncomfortable territory because you could ruin certain relationships in the process that could turn out difficult to mend.

Therefore, you always have to take this into account, at-least know who you can send exclusive material to because it can help you avoid any problems.

You over-saturate your brand easily

The moment you send out a single beat to more than one artist, you basically spread yourself thin and oversaturate your beats.

Artist’s may choose not to work with you because your beats are everywhere and more than one artist has them.

Therefore you always have to tread lightly.

Final thoughts

Sending the same beat to more than one artist is something common in the music industry and can actually be a good way to get your records placed.

However it is necessary to understand the risks that you may run into. This can help you make better decisions and avoid any mishaps and problems.