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Can You Use An iPad For Music Production?

Technology has pretty much made things very easy in terms workflow.

Apple is one of the companies that continues to do right by it’s clientele by offering them superior tech products that make it easier to work with.

As a music producer that has been in the industry for over a decade, people often ask me a lot of questions surrounding the IPad and music production.

One of the questions that I’ve gotten a lot is:

“Can you use an IPad for music production?”

I personally have an iPad Pro and I can say for a fact that you definitely can use it for music production. The superior hardware and software integration that Apple strives for; makes it easier to handle audio production with ease on an iPad. Furthermore, the portable style and overall workflow Is quite unmatched and you can handle music projects with more stability and less hassle. However some people may prefer to work on Laptops and Desktops because they find it much easier and more Convenient than working on an iPad.

It pretty much always comes down to preference whenever gear is discussed therefore I’ll share, to the best of my ability why I think the iPad can be used for music production.

This post will dive deeper into why using an ipad for music production may be a good thing for you if you’re considering it. Therefore keep reading as I discuss these various points so you can have more information and a good understanding.

Here are some key things that make music production on iPad possible.


Back in the day, even the thought of ever being able to produce music on a handheld device was simply futuristic.

As technology advances, we are now able to even make music on our mobile devices and this has brought about limitless possibilities.

I personally find the iPad to be very Convinient to work in because of its portability and sleek design. Plus it weighs about 1.7 pounds which is very lightweight.

Furthermore, it is as easy to use as computer is, so you won’t be missing out on any functionality. Plus, iPads tend have superior processing power consisting of adequate RAM, a processor with good speed.

This has made the possibilities limitless for creatives looking to work with a portable gadget. Their lightweight build makes it even more convenient for you to easily carry them around.

Battery Life

The iPad offers 10 hours of screen time which means you can use it for long periods without the need to have it hooked into an AC source.

This can be very handy for travel.


Apple products are well known for their security. Compared to Windows, apple products are way more secure.

This makes the iPad a secure tool that can store your data without you having to worry about any risks like a hack that would lead to your data or information being stolen.


Another advantage I’ve found working with an iPad to produce is that the overall interface is pretty easy to use and offers good options especially when working with Garage band band because I can easily optimize the screen to work in a manner that I need it to.

Touch screen

Touch screen functionality is also another plus that comes with using an iPad. Rather than always using a mouse like you would on a normal computer, you simply have to use your fingers because the iPad offers touch screen functionality.

Good system

Apple products are known for their good operating systems. What makes them even unique is that the developers spend a lot of time configuring the hardware and software to perfectly match each other.

This calls for a good system with stable functionality that allows even processes like music production possible.

iPads have excellent internal systems built with good specifications that you can work well for music production.

Plus you’ll get good enough storage space that will allow you to run and store large project data and other software that you need for your process.

Combine this with good RAM and a high speed processor and you’ll work just as effectively as you would on a well optimised computer.

Functionality without additional gear

You can easily integrate the iPad to your personal preferences. For example you can easily use it as a midi interface or a simple guitar unlike having to use additional gear like you would when using a computer.


The iPad is pretty usable and can easily be integrated into your music production work.

Its functionality doesn’t fall short in this kind of work. The portability and ease of use via touchscreen makes it a good tool that you can use on-the-go or preferably full time.

However others may prefer to work using a computer for increased workflow.

Can You Use An iPad For Music Production?
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