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Whats More Important A Microphone Or Audio Interface?

There’s always a battle when it comes to choosing for equipment that you need right away and equipment that you can do without. It all comes down to what you wish to accomplish. This greatly determines what equipment should make the top of your shopping list and what equipment you can get along the way. […]

What Should I Look For When Buying An Audio Interface?

Gear shopping is never easy, but it is inevitable if you’re in the industry of music production. So you can’t really put it off, at one point or another it’s going to come at you, therefore it’s best to develop your skills of researching gear before you even head out to a physical or online […]

What Does A Beginner Music Producer Need?

It can be overwhelming when you begin your music production journey. I remember when I first started out, It felt like there was too much information to consume, therefore, i created this post to give insight to anyone just getting into music production. So what does a beginner music producer need? basically what you need […]

What Is The Purpose Of A Dedicated Machine Room In A Professional Recording Facility?

Most well established recording studios have dedicated machine rooms, It has become a trend over the past few years, all thanks to advancements in technology. So you might wonder why recording studios will separate all the gear/machines from their working area have it set up in another room. Here are the reasons why professional recording […]

How Do I Make My Music Studio Sound Quality?

Great sound quality is one of the key attributes that any recording studio should have. I’ve spent so many years with team, creating and producing music and with the vast experience that we’ve gained I can assure that this is primarily a game of quality. You could be running the best studio with the best […]

Can You Plug A Synth Into A Guitar Amp?

Analogue synths have made quiet an impression over the past few years, Most mainstream producers like Mike Dean have videos on YouTube showcasing their talent on synths. Due to the somewhat “comeback” of synths, me and the team have been experimenting with synth programming more than anything over the past few weeks, Mainly for sound […]

Does Acoustic Treatment Make A Difference?

Acoustic treatment is the process of improving the acoustics or acoustic properties of a space for the purposes of maintaining a good atmosphere of sound. Acoustic treatment makes a great difference when it is applied to a space in the right manner and it does so by keeping wanted sounds in and unwanted sounds out. […]

Can You Play A Synthesizer Without Electricity?

If you’re into music production or know a bit about it, then you have obviously run across the term synthesizer. these electronic instruments have become a go to for most modern producers because of the general direction that music has taken over the years. for the newbie producers you may be looking to buy one […]

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