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Gift Ideas For Music Producers (The Complete List)

Getting a gift for a music producer can be quiet challenging,

traditionally a new set of gear could be a good start,

but what do you get if you’re not really into music production and are not familiar with any studio equipment?

Well don’t worry this post has you covered with good gift ideas that you can surprise your producer friend with.

Before you decide to head to guitar centre and pick out the first thing you see, allow me to offer up some ideas that can fit your budget.

Without further small talk let’s get into some gift ideas for home music producers.

Computers and CPUs

MSI Aegis RS 10TD

this is primarily a gaming computer but it works just as well in a music production set up!!

the MSI Aegis RS 10TD is ultimately a beast of a computer that can take anybody’s music production game to the next level.

once you purchase this for your producer friend they will be the happiest because they’ll run with this computer for a long time.

it comes with an Intel i7 processor, with a 1 TB Harddisk and 16Gb Ram DDR4.

definitely a great choice for a gift, what’s awesome about this computer is that not only is it good for music production,

it is an incredibly amazing gaming PC too,

therefore it would make the ultimate gift allow your producer friend to work on their music and also unwind with gaming whenever they feel the need to.

Intel NUC 817HNK Kit

The Intel NUC8i7HNK Performance-G Kit is considered one of the best tools for content creation.

primarily a gaming kit, but could also be used in music production and video editing.

it has all the classic features of a  hybrid mini super computer,

this makes it a diamond to a music producer, because this be would the ultimate music production system.

one thing I love about this computer is its general small size that allows you to easily carry it,

therefore if you plan to gift a music producer with this, it would be a great idea looking at the travel that most of us do.

plus the core i7 processor would make for a smooth workflow with every DAW there is and any sort of equipment.

MSI MPG Trident

Msi builds some of the best computers on the market.

this particular computer comes packed in a 10 liters volume case,

it has components that are usually found in tower cases including the latest 10th Gen intel core processors.

this is one of the best machines available on the market,

definitely worth every penny.

if you’re willing to not spare any expense on your gift then this definitely one gift to consider.

primarily this is gaming computer but it would do even better in a music production setup because of its latest technology, state of the art features and components.

therefore this is definitely a gift to consider.

the great part is that it can be used as a multi purpose computer which makes it an even better choice.

Apple Mac Mini M1

another cool gift idea is the Apple Mac Mini, definitely different from the other gift ideas on this list but still generally a great gift.

this is one of the apple products that comes with a silicon processor.

apples designs of these mini computers has always been quite impressive,

and this would certainly make a cool gift for your producer buddy.

the apple m1 mac mini is one of the most affordable of apples new crop of macs.

one thing you’ll appreciate about Apple in general is that they always strive to improve their products with innovation,

whilst maintaining an obsessive eye on details to ensure that their product is of great quality.

the M1 Mac Mini is not a perfect machine, but it definitely is not far from perfect.

therefore If you’re looking for a mac desktop that won’t cost you a lot of money, the M1 Mac Mini is the perfect place to start.

Dell Optiplex 7040

the Optiplex 7040 series of computers are a great improvement from the previous models.

dell has certainly done well with these computers,

the Optiplex 7040 series are Small Form Factor computers that pack alot of power and punch despite their small build.

one thing you’ll appreciate about Dell products is that they are easily customizable and they are made with that in mind.

this particular attribute makes these computers an excellent choice for a music producer.

because we are geeks by nature, therefore handing us an easily customizable computer would be almost as good as gifting a scientist with a new lab.

the Optiplex 7040 series small form Factor computer comes with an i7 quad core processor with about 16 gigabytes of RAM.

these are definitely specs that would excite any music producer.

VCI Lenovo Think Centre m720

this is a productivity minded desktop computer which offers a majority of professional workstation applications.

Lenovo products have certainly improved over the past few years.

the m720 has a rectangular design with minimal matte plastic and brushed metal aesthetics.

it is particularly lightweight weighing around 15 pounds and measuring around about 14.25 inches tall and 5.75 inches wide, with customizable 8th generation components and security features.

one thing to note about the m720 is that the base model doesnt include a media card reader or a dvd drive, but these features can be easily added.

this computer is definitely a great gift for a home music producer,

its state of the art features are definitely worth every penny.

therefore check it out and make a decision.

Dell 2019 XPS 8930 Premium

this computer is designed with an 8th generation intel hexa-core i7 processor,

it is a well put together line of computers that can be built to suit a wide range of uses, from office applications to video editing and gaming.

it is a very thoughful gift idea,

this style of PC is a great one to have because of advantages like its ability to be upgraded and the manufacturer

Dell, has ensured that the inwards of the computer are easy to access , with lots of room inside that allows for good air circulation, which makes cooling much easier allowing for faster processors that emit heat.

definitely a great gift idea.

HP ENVY 27-B214 All in One

the HP Envy 27-B214 is another excellent choice if you’re trying to buy a gift for a home music producer.

I say this mainly because of its functionality and specifications.

it comes equipped with a core i7 processor which is one of the most recommended processors for music production,

plus 16Gigabytes of RAM which allow the producer to run any Digital audio Workstation perfectly.

in addition to this,

the graphics quality that come with this computer make activities like gaming and video editing easy to carry out,

without having to worry about  the system suddenly running slower due to its specs being unable to accommodate applications.

further the 256 gigabytes solid state drive makes it convenient because it allows for faster start up times and reduced heat production and power draw on the battery.

Dell Inspirion i3670 Desktop

Another great choice if you intend to spare no expense on your gift!

the dell Inspirion i3670 desktop computer comes equipped with 8 Gigabytes of RAM and a Terabyte of Hard disk space.

furthermore it has an 8th generation intel core i7-8700 processor plus a smart six-core,

twelve-way processing performance which makes it an even better choice for a music production computer.

think of the intel core i7-8700 as extra power when you need it and energy efficient when you dont need the extra power.

granted it may seem pricey but the value that comes with this computer definitely makes up for the price.

Amazon offers a 30 day money back guarantee for this item,

therefore you know that you have your bases covered when you purchase it for your producer buddy.

Dell XPS 7760 7213 BLKPUS XPS

this is a 7th generation intel core i7 computer particularly suited for content creators.

one thing that first caught my eye when I saw this computer is its 27 inch screen,

featuring an accurate and incredibly vivid and accurate 4K ultra HD touch display.

if you’re looking for remarkable consistency and clarity this is definitely a great pick.

furthermore with this computer you get an uncompromised high end quality performance stemming from a 7th gen processor with up to 3.6ghz of power and peak performance.

plus it comes with 4 DIMM slots and 16 gigabytes of RAM,

which makes it great for multi tasking and able to handle almost any music production work that you could throw at it.

since a home music producer is being gifted, this computer is the ultimate resource.

Now that we’ve run through some computers and CPUs that could make for a great gift,

let’s dive into the next category of gift ideas, which are Audio Interfaces.

an audio interface is a necessity in every music producers journey, therefore here’s a list of the best audio interfaces on the market that would make for great gifts.

Audio Interfaces

Focusrite Scarlett Solo (3rd Gen)

focusrite is one of the most consistent companies when it comes to releasing models of audio interfaces.

the scarlett range being the best selling and most sought after of all audio interfaces.

in the 3rd gen range, the scarlett solo is the smallest but it’s a mighty tool and a dream come true for most producers.

I’ve used alot of audio interfaces in my music production journey,

but I can tell you without a shred of doubt that the focusrite range of interfaces are some of the very best you’ll find on the market.

the ease of use that comes with this product is purely outstanding,

therefore if you integrate in your music production work it will definitely prove to you that it is one of the best because of the sound quality that you’ll get.

definitely a great gift idea.

Presonus AudioBox USB 96 25th Anniversary edition

as part of celebrating their 25th anniversary in designing and manufacturing some of the best recording and music production equipment,

presonus released the Audiobox USB 96 which is one of it’s best selling.

some of its key features are;

a two front panel combo inputs (mic and instrument input) with class A microphone preamps ideal for

singers, songwriters, podcastors, live streaming and guitar or guitar bass collaboration.

all of these great features are unique selling points on their own,

this is why this interface is a good choice, especially as a gift for your music producer buddy.

this audio interface will get the job done whether you’re looking for an easy to use interface for your home recordings, or your live streams or podcasting work.

the audiobox usb 96 will give you the best sounding output and it will be a great companion for any recording software.

definitely a great music producer gift

Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 3rd Gen

the focusrite Scarlett 2i2 3rd Gen 2i2, is one of best interfaces out there.

this is not only attributed to it’s great functionality but due to its affordability,

it is for this reason that scarlett 2i2 has been tracked to be one of the highest selling audio interfaces of all time.

its sleek and simple design makes it look like a toy but it’s build is quite rugged and sturdy at best,

having used the Scarlett 2i2 for a particularly long time.

built with an aluminium case, it can withstand stress, transportation and collision, plus it is very lightweight which makes it very portable and easy to carry.

it is definitely a great gift idea for a music producer of any sort,

because of the effort that the developers of this audio interface have put in.

Focusrite Scarlett Solo USB Audio Interface (2nd Gen)

the very first audio interface we discussed was the Scarlett solo 3rd gen which is great choice.

so let’s move further and discuss the Scarlett solo 2nd gen interface.

this is one of the best audio interfaces on the market and a great choice if you’re ready to start to recording,

it has an easy and compact build that is able to deliver a unique classic sounds, that is natural.

this natural sound is due to the Scarlett microphone preamp that comes with plenty of gain for you to reduce and increase as you see fit.

it is compatible with many operating systems and focusrite offers a 3 year warranty on its products.

therefore if you’re looking for a simple gift for your music producer friend this is definitely a great option to consider.

I say this because of the ease of use that comes with this interface.

Presonus Studio 24C

the studio 24c is specifically designed for home recording studios,

it would surely make a great gift for a music producer that is at any stage whether a beginner recording their first music,

or somebody that has been in music production of a fair amount of time.

the studio 24c comes equipped with XMAX L mic preamps that are meant for vocal recording,

plus instrument preamps with high headroom that allow you to connect your bass or guitar into your interface.

plus the professional input metering will help you keep track of all your recording levels.

this audio interface also boasts a rugged build able to deliver amazing sound quality.

for a home music producer this audio interface would really make a great difference and would be a great addition to the studio,

therefore this is a good audio interface to highly consider if you’re looking for an interface to gift your producer friend.

Behringer U-PHORIA UMC202HD

the Behringer U-PHORIA UMC202HD is a fast USB 2.0 interface

that is guaranteed to have you up and running in just a matter of minutes, with connectivity for microphones, bass, guitar and key boards.

this audio interface promises a pure sound and it allows you to record your vocals easily with its midas designed preamps,

which include over 48volts of phantom power for Condenser microphones.

your Condenser signal passes through high quality converters thereby delivering a natural sound,

whether you’re a producer or singer looking to record vocals and have them sent for mixing and mastering.

this is a good choice to gift someone that has interest in music production or is already a full fledged music producer.

they’ll be able to enjoy the quality of this interface whether in a home recording setup or a large recording studio set up.

Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 (3rd Gen)

the focusrite Scarlett 18i8 is meant for music producers and sound engineers that have to adapt to ever changing recording situations.

right on the front panel you’ll notice the mic and instrument preamps and two instrument inputs right where you need them. easy to access.

this interface has a total of 8 line inputs, an ADAT input , four analog outs, plus S/PDIF and midi input and output.

therefore the Scarlett 18i8 3rd generation audio interface will give you the flexibility and ease of use that you need to be equipped with,

in order for you to handle any challenging recording processes that may be thrown at you.

definitely a great gift for a music producer,

because this interface would set up your producer buddy up to deal with the most complex recording processes with no minimal difficulty.

Behringer Audio Interface U-Phoria UM2

as a music producer writing gift ideas for my fellow producers,

I should let you know that when it comes to audio interfaces you don’t need a complicated piece of hardware.

a simple audio interface can get the job done,

so long as you know its specifications are good enough,

because you can’t just settle for anything at the end of the day.

let me introduce to the Behringer UM2 audio interface,

quite the perfect present if you ask me.

if you’re looking for a simple, small, affordable gift that will still make a huge difference when used for music production then this is the interface you’re looking for.

the behringer UM2 will give you virtually everything a producer needs to properly plug in their microphones,

instruments, speakers and any other equipment that would need to go through an audio interface.

M-Audio AIR 192|4

this audio interface is best suited for people that generally record solo vocals and intend to produce high quality audio recordings.

the M-Audio air is an intuitively easy-to-use audio interface which allows you to record studio quality recordings.

it allows you to record  up to 2 channels with its dedicated XLR balanced combo input,

also available in feature is an instrument input with gain and impedance stage,

to provide the most accurate representation of a guitar when it is plugged into the interface.

one other thing you’ll find interesting about this interface is that it is relatively inexpensive.

which makes it the right tool for your producer buddy that you wish to gift.

I recommend that you check it out and assess if it’s the right gift you’re looking for.

Steinberg UR-RT2 Interface

the last audio interface on this list is the Steinberg UR-RT2,

please remember that the listing of items in this post is in no particular order.

the UR-RT2 is basically a combination of Rupert Neve design and Yamaha’s sonic precision.

it features;

USB 2.0 audio and MIDI interface that is featured with transformers designed by the legendary Rupert Neve,

you’ll also notice the Two Class AD preamps plus over 48 volts of phantom power,

two XLR/TRS combo inputs and headphone jack with independent level control.

this may be a bit expensive but would be totally worth it as a gift,

because the UR-RT2 will work perfectly in a home studio as well as it would work in any another space for recording,

therefore it is quite a great resource, be sure to check it out!

now that we’ve discussed a number of great ideas for audio interface gifts,

we can move to the next gift idea,

which is Studio Headphones, before you run off and purchase any headsets if advise to continue reading this post, so can offer my expertise.

here are some great headphone gift ideas


Audio Technica ATH-M50x

Audio Technica is quite the formidable company that has quite earned the respect in the audio community.

one of its most popular products are the ATH-M50x studio headphones,

they have been around for a long time and they went instantly viral the moment they were first introduced on the market.

these headphones are basically designed for people that are in Music/Audio production, Youtubers, podcastors, students and commuters.

once purchased,

these headphones come with accessories that allow you to get the most out of them,

some of these accessories are a soft carrying pouch intended for travel,

a quarter inch to 3.5mm adapter that allows the user to plug into equipment like amplifiers and finally 3 different kinds of audio cables.

this would certainly make a good gift, if you’re planning on a getting a small gift for your home music producer friend,

the Audio Technica ATH-M50x is a great start.

AKG Pro Audio K240

the second pair of headphones on this list are the AKG K240,

these headphones descend from the original AKG K240 headphones that were popular in the 70s.

but these are a completely new and modern design.

the AKG K240 headphones are great for people in music because their semi open design allows the user to listen to what their playing from moment to moment.

affordability is definitely another aspect that these headphones have,

and this can be attributed to it’s all plastic build from the suspension mechanism to the ear.

while being affordable is a great thing,

many music critics tend to suggest that the K240 headphones are not durable especially if they are being used in a environment that has them put to work at all times.

other than that they are still a great pair of headphones that would certainly make a great gift.

Tascam TH-02

the third on our list of headphones are the Tascam TH-02 headphones.

these headphones are designed to deliver an absolutely great quality studio standard sound that is suitable for a number of listening applications.

they are closed back headphones which makes them great for recording sessions.

furthermore they have 50mm drivers that are set at 32mm impedance.

the sole purpose of this design is to deliver a balanced and accurate response,

whether you’re just listening to music on your mobile device or  mixing and editing vocals in your studio.

they are engineered for both comfort and quality which is the perfect combination.

they are pretty inexpensive and make for a great gift, furthermore they will not put a huge gap in your bank account.

be sure to check them out while you decide.

Sennheiser HD280 Pro

sennheiser have set the standard for modern headphones.

almost every studio engineer that I know has a pair of these headphones and they are quick to recommend them.

they are perfectly ideal for a variety of applications such as DJ use, audio production and podcasting.

plus they are pretty much cost effective and reliable which makes them a good choice to gift somebody.

these are the kinds of headphones you’d employ when you’re doing critical listening,

because of the great response in frequency you’d get from these headphones,

 which means mixing would be a great experience and easy to some extent because you can basically do it anywhere and not just be confined to your recording facility.

these headphones are certainly a great gift idea and I recommend that you check them out.

Sony MDR7506

typically these headphones have so many applications,

they are headphones that you would find on heads people in news rooms, recording studios and video production crews.

as someone that is constantly travelling and having to deal with alot of mixing, recording and editing, the Sony MDRs are perfect.

anyone that has tried out these headphones will testify to this.

the cool thing about these headphones is that they can be used in many areas,

for example you could consider using these headphones in an office-cubicle type environment,

because they are closed back headphones which means you won’t disturb anybody so long the headphones are on your ears.

and for the sound quality that you’ll be getting they are very much affordable.

therefore as a gift idea, they would work perfectly.

Sony WH- 1000xM4

the Sony WH- 1000xM4 headphones are one of the best and most popular headphones on the market right now,

sony have to proven to be a force to be reckoned with as they continue to deliver some of the best products.

the WH-1000 xM4 are high quality bluetooth headphones that are wireless and come with a cool noise cancellation feature.

they deliver exceptional quality and live up to the standards that the manufacturers have described.

for a person that is a music lover these headphones are certainly a treat, with their comfy feel they make for a great travelling tool.

music producers are constantly listening to music,

that’s why this would be a great gift, if you’re considering to go for wireless/bluetooth headphones.

I recommend that you check them out!

Bose quite comfort 35

the headphones that are the immediate predecessor to these enjoyed a great deal of success when they were first introduced on the market back in 2014.

in the recent years the market exploded with a variety of wireless headphones.

ones that have stuck out are certainly the Bose Quite Comfort 35,

they are very impressive in that they have a great battery life which makes it easier for the user to travel with them,

without having to worry about doing a lot of charging.

plus features like the NFC technology that allows for two tap pairing is certainly a great addition, further more features like built in assistant are pretty cool.

this is definitely a great gift idea and would make for a cool gadget for your home based music producer friend.

definitely worth checking out.

Beats Solo 3 Wireless

well it wouldn’t be a full headphone list without having Beats headsets on it now, would it?

Beats is an apple subsidiary that has in the past been able to make quite the name for itself.

especially in the hiphop scene, it is definitely a well pronounced brand in that genre.

the Beats Solo 3 Wireless headphones may be considered to be a few years old,

but they could easily compete with any line up of wireless headphones in 2020.

IOS users certainly enjoy these headphones because of simple benefits like quick pairing and improved efficiency.

therefore this would be a great gift especially for a music producer that uses a lot of apple products.

also a great gift for any fashion conscious listeners because of the great subdued design of these headphones.

AKG Pro Audio K72

the AKG K72 are certainly not so fashionable but this should not derail you from knowing that they are pretty excellent and quite affordable.

they are large circumaural headphones with pads that are big enough to engulf even the most giant of ears.

this is an added bonus because they are quite comfortable,

their headband is also great because instead of using a static padded band, a hammock of thread covers your head.

in actuality the frame of the AKG 72 comprises only of two steel slim bands on top,

their classic studio headphone design is hard to ignore, 

that is why this type of headphone is mainly for in studio use rather than outdoor use,

because it would be absurd to drag around a 3 metre long headphone cable.

definitely a great gift idea for a music producer

Shure SRH440

Shure is one of the leading companies with decades of audio equipment production.

they are primarily known for their high quality microphone catalogue.

the Shure SRH440 headphones look like a combination of the Sony MDR 7506 and Audio Technica M50 headphones,

but who can blame the developers right?

these two headphones are some of the best selling headphones ever created.

but let’s get into the features of the Shure SRH440 headphones.

the first feature I’ll discuss is the comfort,

these headphones have a pretty much solid construction which is great because they can’t easily be damaged,

the ear cup pads are fairly large and reasonably plush,

the sound quality of these headphones is pretty great with the mids and highs rendered with great amounts of detail,

the bass is generally rolled off which is popular in many neutral studio headphones.

nevertheless they are still a great pair of headphones and would make for an adequate gift.

Now that we’ve discussed a great number of headphones that you could purchase as a gift,

let’s move on other gift idea which is, an LCD Monitor.

I think I speak for all music producers when I say there isn’t quite a feeling as the one you get when you’re working on a large LCD screen.

let’s get into some cool options that you could use as gifts.

LCD Monitors

LG 34WL600-B

greatly sized monitors may seem unnecessary but I assure you they are great and the most preferred by many content creators including myself.

the LG 34WL600-B in a home studio setting is definitely a great selection and one I’d make aswell.

the most striking feature is the height adjusting feature which makes it easy for you to have your visual set to the height you most prefer,

it also features a USB-C connection which is particularly useful in it’s own right,

this monitor has a slight curvature which makes it great for filling your peripheral vision.

other producers may find this feature not appealing, but I find quite the great feature.

this is definitely one LCD visual monitor I’d recommend you purchase as a gift.

MSI Optix AG32C

this is a popular monitor in the gaming world and MSI has been known to produce some of the best high end products.

therefore we have to give credit to the gaming community because almost every technological advancement has been as a result of gaming.

which is attributed to the fact that the gaming community will always demand for much better technology that can help their experience by making it easier and better.

the MSI Optix AG32C is prime example of technology advancement for gaming,

it comes equipped with a 32inch full high definition screen which gives music producers a lot space to work with.

this monitor also has a curved screen, but would still make a kick ass present for your music producer friend,

especially if they plan to use the monitor in a home studio setup.

Samsung C27F398

this is a 27inch visual LCD monitor, and in tv terms, 27inches may not seem that great of a deal but in computer monitor terms, this is more than enough.

the Samsung C27F398 delivers a high quality HD full screen LCD monitor which can provide more than enough space for any Digital Workstations that the user/producer might be using.

this monitor is definitely great for home studio and delivers a better look and a more optimised working space.

one cool feature that caught my attention is the eye saver mode which reduces the amount of the colour blue on the screen,

granted it’s not going to have a ridiculously colourful splash that other expensive HD monitors would have, 

but it’s still a great choice and would make a great gift.


the asus pro art came on the market, and was being advertised as a monitor that was suitable for graphic designers.

this can be primarily attributed to the fact that it is a monitor well known for its vibrant colour reproduction.

but other content creators started using the monitor for other creative pursuits.

just keep in mind that this monitor can be used for video and image works,

plus, this monitor typically makes an ideal second monitor but can still pull off being a primary monitor,

the layout is fully adjustable which makes it pretty great,

 and will handle intensive  work that requires utilisation of various tools like DAWs,

that’s why I recommend it if you intend to purchase a monitor as a gift.

it can a great addition to their studio gear.


this might be the best monitor on this list because its strong point is one that goes hand in hand with music production.

the ASUS VZ279HE has been specifically designed and built to combat the effects of long sessions,

thanks to flicker-free technology and the addition of a blue light filter.

one of the metrics that I look out for whenever I’m shopping for a studio pc monitor is its ability to merge or link well with other monitors.

with the ASUS VZ279HE you get an extremely thin bezel,

this exact feature allows you to be able to link well with other existing monitors.

I’d recommend this monitor if the person you intend to get it for an LCD monitor in their studio,

but you can still get it for somebody that has no monitors and the ASUS VZ279HE will still make a great independent monitor.

Samsung CRG9

the Samsung CRG9 probably has the most non simplistic monitor,

a bit pricey but worth every single penny, and definitely a top tier monitor.

it has a wide 49 inch display which is more than you need in music production,

but then again this is not situation in which less is more.

one thing I appreciate about the Samsung CRG9 is its ability to portray really sharp images

that are definitely great for Digital Audio Workstations because most have little itty bitty details that you have to pay attention to.

most reviews will say that this work of art is too expensive but I say it’s a fair price for the value that you’ll get at the end of it all.

therefore I recommend the Samsung CRG9 as a gift for your producer buddy.

their reaction when they get it will make this post entirely worthwhile.

HP 27f

the HP 27f is one of the less expensive options.

in a home studio setting you really don’t need high end gear, simple equipment can get the job.

and in the case of visual monitor the goal is the same; which is basically to display information.

therefore it matters very little if you’re using a high end expensive monitor or a simple one.

the HP 27f has a 27 inch bright display with HDMI inputs and an awesome design.

this monitor is meant for people that are looking for a simple monitor they can use, without spending alot of money on acquiring one.

for beginners this is a great choice because it’s better to save some money and buy other gear other than spending it all in one place.

but this shouldn’t get you thinking it’s not a good enough monitor to gift somebody,

the HP 27f is an excellent option.


this is a gaming monitor at best but will be as equally effective in a recording studio of any size.

for a music producer that would not want a large monitor this is definitely the way to go,

this 43 inch beats will transform your entire music studio, offering great screen quality and a slim slick design that can accommodate other monitors as well.

me and my team use this monitor in one of your recording areas and it does very well for a curved screen,

plus it’s not as expensive as most items on this list.

it connects via USB-c and also has HDMI and USB 3.0 ports for rapid transmission of data.

this is definitely a good choice for a gift and I urge you to try it out.

LG 34WK95U

this is a great looking monitor providing the very best of graphics,

the LG 34WK95U  is definitely an awesome choice especially for a music producer that also has a bit of experience with graphic design applications.

because this is a very graphic friendly monitor boasting a 34 inch screen with 5K resolution,

which makes it great for music production software aswell because it can make even small elements purely visible.

this is awesome because music production is all about paying attention to detail and you need a screen that can deliver this quality.

the LG 34WK95U has a thunderbolt 3 port, two HDMI ports, a display port.

the colour accuracy is also quiet unique and amazing.

therefore I’d advise you to look the LG range of products if you prefer other options

or better yet scroll through this list of monitors again and pick something that suits what you’re looking for.


the LG 27MD5KL-B is one for the elites!!

this is the of the top tier monitors on this list and a great choice if your budget can allow it ofcourse.

most people would consider this over kill for a home studio but if the user is into graphic design this can be a great option

the LG 27MD5KL-B boasts a 5K screen with amazing colour display,

any room you intend to put this monitor will be instantly lit up!!!

another amazing thing is the large array of connection ports which means it can accommodate any apple products quite easily.

if you’re indeed willing to go all out and spoil your producer friend with high end gear this choice is definitely one you should consider.

Now that we’ve discussed various LCD monitor gift ideas,

let me introduce the another gift idea.

A synthesizer!

below is a list of the best hardware synths on the market right now.


Prophet 5 Rev 4

this synthesizer is a revision of previous version and is the next generation of analog polysynth from sequential.

as far as synth history goes the Prophet 5 Rev 4 has well solidified its position on the top tier list of synthesizers.

now its back with a cool redesign and a modern look.

the previous versions were the Rev 3, Rev 2 and Rev 1, you’ll find it cool to know that the Rev is a combination of all previous versions of the synthesizer.

which gives the bright and vibrant sound that it has,

giving you the perfect synthesizer abilities to use in music production.

this would make an awesome gift, I remember when I got my first synthesizer I couldn’t move away from that thing.

I enjoyed experimenting on it.

therefore if your budget fits this particular synths price tag then go ahead and purchase this synth.

ARP 2600 FS

this is modern synthesizer designed by KORG.

one of the leading companies in the music production world.

the original ARP 2600 was first released in 1970, in attempt to present a complete portable electronic music studio.

it has undergone numerous revisions over the years.

in 2020 Korg decided to re issue the ARP 2600 FS.

this newer version is still inspired by the old version, complete with all its original features mixed and well blended with an addition of modern sounds.

back in the day the ARP 2600 was not at all cheap, and neither is this newer version.

its architecture, tells you enough to know that you’re dealing with a high end product.

definitely a great gift for your music producer friend and worth every penny.

Behringer 2600

third on the list is the behringer 2600.

this synthesizer has the look of a modern synthesizer with alot of controls.

modelled after many synthesizers that were introduced in the 70s.

the behringer 2600 maintains the same original analog circuitry as back then, plus the same modular architecture,

when put together these features recreate classic tones of classic electronic music.

this synth is designed to pay attention to alot of detail, which makes it the most sought after synthesizer on the market today.

the attention to detail gives flexibility to the sound shaping capabilities of this synthesizer, making it the best to use in sound design.

it will give you what you need to improve your sound.

this is definitely a great addition to any producers library and a certainly a great gift idea.

Arturia Polybrute

Arturia ploybrute is a 6 voice analog synthesizer with great sounds.

this synth power house offers versatility, a diverse library without any limitation to the user.

this is personally one of my favourite synths,

and when I first got started in music production I wish somebody had gifted me with such a tool.

as far as music expression goes the 6 voice analog voices will set you up to explore both the synths capabilities and your creativity.

the morphing function is equally just as useful, because it allows you to do a number of things that can make for the perfect sound design.

therefore this is a good gift idea that can deliver the ultimate value to the person it is intended for.

it is definitely worth checking out .

Moog Subharmonicon

The Moog Subharmonicon is an analogue since that is greatly inspired by two synthesizers from the 1930,’s called Trautonium and the Rhythmicon.

today, the Moog Subharmonicon has been greatly improved,

it’s not your conventional analogue synth, the design is for users that want to experiment with short but evolving sequences,

others will not love this synth at first glance and may think its limited, but it’s a great tool that gives you sounds that have been long lost in music.

so why sound like everyone else?

this is a great synth for those that realise value when they see it,

and for those that don’t take things at face value.

this moog Subharmonicon would make a great gift, and would empower the intended user to go to heights that others will simply not go to.

UDO Super 6

the next synthesizer I recommend is the UDO Super 6, I love this synth because of the fact that it maintains a classic old school vibe by not having a screen and just having all the knobs on the board.

this class vibe is also associated to how it sounds, and its responsiveness to further tweaking.

this sound can be attributed to the 12 voice binaural analogue hybrid architecture that is built on FPGA technology and direct digital synthesis.

a combination of binaural sound placement and good stereo signal processing gives the signal great space that you can work with.

the UDO is definitely a great synthesizer that I advise you to check out,

it is quite a great toll that can make for a great gift.

Herbs and Stones Liquid Foam

if you’re looking for a little gift and something not too splurgy then the Herbs and Stones Liquid Foam synthesizer is exactly what you’re looking for.

this synthesizer is a modular monophonic analog powerhouse, great for all applications.

a brief look run around will make the Herbs and Stones Liquid Foam

seem like a bass and melody tool, but it’s quite vast and diverse.

it comes equipped with a dual sequencer engine solely designed to encourage exploration. particularly with complex patterns.

it’s a fun simple tool that can change your sound and entertain you.

some producers use two of these synthesizers to make their work diverse.

great gift idea if you’re going for a simple and sophisticated gift, that can be fun and productive for the intended user.

Modal Electronics COBALT8

the Modal Electronics COBALT8 is a great synthesizer for any type of recording studio.

it boasts 8 voice polyphony with up to eight oscillators per voice, plus three effects engine.

this is definitely one of our go to synths during our sample and loop creation sessions.

the sound design potential of this synth is endless and offers the user a multitude of tools to work with.

this would make a great gift for a music producer at any level,

for the beginner producer this would be  a great tool to help them step up their game and firmly walk into the synth programming world.

for the advanced producer, it’s a great addition to their arsenal, making them have access to a synthesizer that can make them explore and experiment.

Erica Synths SYNTRX

lastly, I introduce to you the Erica Synths SYNTRX synthesizer.

it is designed by Erica Synths I’m collaboration with the Riga Technical University.

this synth is inspired by the legendary EMS synth, without trying to imitate it’s original sound.

definitely puts Erica Synths in a top tier space because they’ve stayed true to their lane and developed a great machine.

the Erica Synths SYNTRX is definitely one that I’d advise you to gift a producer because the sound atmosphere and originality has really been developed well.

it boasts 3 analogue VSOs and a patch matrix that emulates the EMS synthi.

a great tool for general experimentation, plus it allows the user to save patches which is great if you’re looking to arm yourself with self made ready to go synth patches.

Now that we have discussed some of the best hardware synths out there,

let’s get into the next gift idea.


every producer deserves a good recording microphone, in order for the recording process to be carried with ease.

the best microphones for recording are what are referred to as Condenser microphones.

I have an entire dedicated to some of the best vocal microphones available on the market here.

Digital Audio Workstation

another great gift idea is what we call a Digital Audio Workstation,

it is the software that we use to record music in and process it as well as compose music and create instrument compositions.

I have an entire article dedicated to some of the best Digital Audio Workstations on the market,

you can access the article here.

a great gift for a music producer may be difficult  to shop for especially if you have little or no knowledge.

that is why the next gift recommendations are bundles of gear that act as  music producer starter kits.

check them out as I go through them, one by one.


Presonus Audio Box 96 Full Studio Bundle

this is one of the best crafted all in one bundles.

(it has an audio interface, microphone, headphones, and a Digital Audio Workstation)

it allows you to start creating music as soon you have it,

this full bundle comes with the simple but handy audio interface that delivers the right features for your recording needs,

with two combo mic/instrument inputs and zero latency monitoring.

therefore you can get started as easily as plugging in your microphone and starting the recording process,

the audio interface is great for travel and is bus powered and compatible for most recording software for both windows and mac,

plus the audio interface comes pre equipped with microphone pre amplifiers and high quality converters that make capturing recordings in high definition relatively easy.

the Studio One 3 Artists Software is part of this package,

it pretty easy to learn but it is still able to produce quality, the professional kind.

it offers unlimited tracks to the user while delivering an inspiring user interface and plugins.

plus other features that most entry level digital audio Workstations don’t have.

one thing you’ll appreciate about this software is its powerful mixing and mastering tools that are easy to access without having to go through a bunch of menus.

this package also contains the Presonus M7 large diaphragm microphone, which is great deal for any music producer.

with music production you need a Condenser microphone that is able to capture input signals clearly while being quite enough not to mess up the signal.

the M7 is the ultimate recording microphone and title can be used to record both vocals and instruments.

next up, the Presonus HD7 headphones will give you balanced sound that you can work with.

most headphones struggle to produce the right low end, but the HD7s are not most headphones.

this studio bundle is definitely a great choice to gift somebody that is into music with.

Mackie Onyx Artist 1.2 2×2 

this studio bundle is meant for artists and musicians that aspire to have their own recording studio where they can work freely and at their own pace.

I remember when I first got started I couldn’t afford studio equipment and I wish somebody had introduced me to bundle products like these.

if you’re working on a budget you’ll find that this bundle is pretty much affordable,

when you look at the equipment you’re getting, it’s a great value for money.

let’s get into the items available in this bundle.

the onyx 2-2 audio interface is a great tool to use for your recording , it provides inputs that you can plug your microphones and other instruments into.

this interface has 24bit/192 khz converters with state of the art premium circuitry and a rugged build that makes it great for travel,

it is bus powered and is great for both home studio application as well as big recording/professional type set ups,

this interface delivers pristine fidelity output.

the Digital Audio Workstation available in this bundle is called the Wave OEM,

an awarding workstation that inspires creativity.

it gives you an unlimited number of tracks without imposing any restrictions on the user.

part of this bundle is also a DAW essentials kit, which has 16 FX plugins that can be used in various Digital Audio Workstations,

these plugins are built with well crafted code and algorithms.

the following is present in this bundle;



Studio Microphone

XLR Cable


Microphone Stand

Pop Filter


Rode NT1 Condenser Microphone & AI-1 One-Channel USB Audio Interface Pack

this studio kit is definitely not as sophisticated as the others on this list but it’s a great idea for a gift and especially for home recording studios,

the A1-I Audio is developed with great care and the latest technology that make its converters brilliant,

it has a Neutrik combo jack which takes both a 3 pole XLR and a quarter inch to most instruments.

plus the a1-I audio interface also offers great quality of headphone output,

so you can be rest assure that you’ll get the best quality possible when you plug your headphones into the interface.

next, in this audio bundle is the Rode NT 1.

this is a large diaphragm microphone that has a frequency response designed to capture a highly detailed mid range,

smooth high frequencies and warm low end.

with this microphone you dont have to worry about external vibrations at the capsule level,

because the transducer inside the microphone is suspended using the Rycote Lyre system.

furthermore the NT 1 is a pretty quiet microphone measuring about 4.5dba thanks to the delicate high grade electronics that are married to the capsule.

this is one tough microphone thanks to its solid build, nickel plated exterior that limits damage in the form of corrosion,

and a durable military grade ceramic layer.

definitely a great choice if you’re looking for a nice little bundle that you can put together for your friend.

M-Audio – Complete Recording Bundle

the M-Audio – Complete Recording Bundle is one that every producer needs.

this bundle introduces you to the world of music production with the Air 192|4 audio interface,

HDH40 headphones, a Nova Black condenser microphone, XLR cable and the premium AIR Series Software Suite.

the premium AIR software Suite comes with a everything you need to get started including;

Pro Tools | First M-Audio Edition, Ableton Live Lite, Eleven Lite, the Avid Effect Collection, AIR’s Creative FX Collection, 2GB of sample content from Touch Loops and Xpand!2, Mini Grand, Vacuum and BOOM from AIR Music Tech.

furthermore the M-Audio Interface is made to deliver the right sound you’ll need for your music, 

which makes this bundle a high ranking bundle on Amazon.

it has all you need to start recording right away including a USB Audio Interface with a Nova black condenser microphone, shock mount, XLR cable and hdh40 headphones.

definitely a good bundle if you’re considering purchasing an all-in-one product that gives the intended user everything they need to start recording music.

in a home recording studio set up this is definitely an item worth getting.

Focusrite Scarlett Solo Studio (3rd Gen) USB Audio Interface and Recording Bundle with Pro Tools

this bundle provides the artist and the producer everything they need to make their recording process easier.

with this bundle you’ll get a Scarlett Solo USB Audio Interface, condenser microphone,

3-meter XLR microphone cable, closed-back headphones, and free software to start making music.

which is everything that you need to get started.

definitely a great gift idea, as you’re well aware focusrite has a great wide range of products and it is well known for its quality assurance.

So basically these are some of the best recording bundles available on the market today.

Make sure you take a look at each of them and find out which one will be better suited for you.

To end this post I’ll recommend Music Production Courses that you could get as a gift for your music producer friend just in case,

they are a beginner or intermediate music producer .

In no particular order here are some of the best music production courses available:

1. The Complete Guide to Music Technology with Cubase 10.5

2. An Introduction to writing music for television

3. Music Theory for computer musicians

4. Mixing Secrets for the Small Studio

5. The Mixing Engineers Handbook

6. The art of Music production

Thank you for taking the time to read this post, I hope you found it helpful!

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