Mixing And Mastering

What Is The Difference Between Kontakt And Komplete?

Native instruments is one the leading companies in music software and hardware, I’ve been using a lot of their software for the past decade. Kontakt and Komplete are some of the best software to ever hit the market as far as music production goes; one of the frequent questions that people ask is basically surrounding […]

What Effects Make Vocals Sound Better?

When it comes to mixing and mastering vocals, it all comes down to how well you can blend different plugins together to make your song sound great. However, it could pose a challenge if you’re a newbie producer. You may be wondering what vocal effects you could use to potentially improve your vocals and make […]

Why Your Song May Sound Quiet After Exporting It

At one point another you may have encountered a song that sounded quite after you exported it out of your DAW. this is common especially if you’re a just starting out in the music production world, So why does your song sound quiet after export? The common cause of a song sounding quiet after export […]

Should I Mix And Master My Own Music?

The internet has made almost everything in this world accessible. You can research any career or skill that you wish to get into and you’ll find hundreds of search results related to your query. Therefore most artists have made the process of mixing and mastering part of their process, most interviews of musical artists have […]

Is GarageBand Good For Making Music?

Almost all music creators can agree that; the battle of figuring out the right Digital Audio Workstation for your music production is quite challenging. I’ve worked in so many DAWs and I still feel like each one differs from the other in a particular way that makes it unique. Apple’s Garageband is an entry level […]

How Do I Get Rid Of Vocal Pops?

We’ve all experienced vocal pops more than once in our music production career, nothing can be more frustrating. during recording pop sounds generally come from plosive sounds, these sounds are almost like explosions because they occur as a result of a burst of air that is generated from your lips, the burst of air then hits […]

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