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What Is An Audio Artifact?

The term “audio artifact” is probably something you’ve come across if you’re a music producer. Either in your own recordings or other peoples recordings. This post will discuss what audio artifacts are and how they arise in relation to audio production. With that said, What are Audio Artifacts? In audio, sound or music production an […]

The 3 Key Important Elements Of Every Mix

Mixing is the art of blending different audio elements of a composition to create a fully developed idea which is usually a song. There are various techniques that people employ to achieve this and there isn’t a one-fits-all way of doing things. The reality is that audio mixing does have rules but these rules all […]

The Best YouTube Channels For Music Production

YouTube is a highly valuable resource that offers us a great deal of information as music producers. With this in mind, you should always have it at the ready because it can change and improve your overall music production process. Let’s face it, looking for good music production YouTube channels can be a bit of […]

How To Make Mixes Less Muddy And More Clearer

Mixing music is no simple job. It requires a good ear that can understand the overall mix and how well all elements coordinate with each other. With that said, there’s really nothing more frustrating than having to deal with a muddy mix. It takes the fun out of the song and drowns some of the […]

Best Books For Mixing And Mastering Audio

Anybody that is involved in the audio production world should have good reference material like books. This is true for beginners that want to have a wealth of information readily available for them to call upon. There are several books that are publicly available for mixing and mastering and they all have their unique elements […]

Does Audio Engineering Require Math?

Audio engineers are responsible for some of the great chart topping songs in the world at any moment. For the newbie figuring out whether this field is the right career path raises a lot of questions. One question in particularly that I encounter a lot with aspiring audio engineers is; “Does Audio Engineering Require Math?” […]

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