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The Best YouTube Channels For Music Production

YouTube is a highly valuable resource that offers us a great deal of information as music producers. With this in mind, you should always have it at the ready because it can change and improve your overall music production process.

Let’s face it, looking for good music production YouTube channels can be a bit of job because there’s just so many channels, which means you have to vet a lot of them to figure out which ones are the best for you.

Having been in the music industry for more than a decade, I’ve used and utilized various YouTube channels that have shaped my overall music production abilities.

This post will walk you through some of the best Music Production YouTube Channels that will make a good and positive impact on your overall work as a music producer.

So let’s get into each of these:

In The Mix

This is one of my favourite music production YouTube channels and is a regular one I watch. The host, Micheal explains various music production concepts in a calm and understandable manner.

On this channel you’ll find various concepts, techniques and lessons that are loaded with lots of value. You’ll find beat making tutorials,sound design lessons, mixing and mastering too.

In The Mix” is a great channel for beginners too. So if you’re looking for good concise and well explained tutorials this channel will be a great resource for you.

Sean Divine

Another great channel for music production is Sean Divine. This is a great resource for learning various audio production techniques that can help you excel.

If you’re looking for step by step good mixing and mastering tutorials, Sean is your guy. Plus you’ll get tons of value and information into various digital plugins and various equipment.

To this day, Sean Divine is one of my favorite Youtubers and a great source of clear information. When it comes to producing music, there’s no final stop in the learning process.

Learning is ever going on and channels like this can be a great subscription for anyone interested in improving their music production abilities.

Sound Oracle

Third on this list is a channel called Sound Oracle. Mind you, I haven’t arranged these channels in any particular order. So you can test out each one and figure out which one you’ll utilize more.

For a great experience, you might want to subscribe to all these channels so you can get a diversified portfolio of valuable information. Having said that, let’s jump into Sound Oracle.

With this channel you’ll get tons of mixing and mastering techniques. Plus various Instrument and effect plugin overviews that will give you insight into what producers are using in their production process.

This channel will give you 808 tutorials, Drum Mixing tutorials, Compression tutorials, EQ tutorials, Vocal mixing tutorials and many other tutorials that can help you in your process.

Definitely a channel worth checking out and spending some time on.

Musician On Mission

This is one of the top tier YouTube channels and a great recourse that I use for research.

They offer a variety of value on their channel and I think anyone interested in music production should definitely be subscribed to this channel.

You’ll get tons of Value embodied in very in-depth long tutorials that can help even the most basic beginner. Plus, they offer solutions and answers to the most asked questions about music production.

Definitely a value add. Musician on a mission is a great resource for people that are just starting out on their journey as well for people that are already on the journey.

Check this channel out!!

Aiden Kenway

Of all my YouTube subscriptions, I think this channel is the most watched.

This is primarily a YouTube channel focused on Beat Making.

Aiden offers a ton of value by remaking various beats used in most popular hiphop music. He’s very accurate in the way he goes about this and I think he’s one of the very best in this industry.

You’ll get tons of value into how most popular music is made and the various techniques employed to create above the board great instrumentals. If you’re somebody that is into beat making, you’ll learn a lot here and you definitely need to be subscribed to this channel.

Definitely one the best channels out there.

Mix With The Masters

Mix with the masters is another great channel that gives great insight into how to go about music production. They have a variety of courses available online where they go in depth into music production.

They have a lot of renowned music producers that provide great content on their YouTube platform. I’d advise that you look more into them and purchase their courses so you can learn how industry professionals go about producing commercial music.

Their YouTube channel offers great tips and techniques and can definitely help the way you approach music production.

Definitely check them out!

Plugin Alliance

This is another great value add to you. Plugin alliance offers great insight into various music production plugins and offers tutorials into how these plugins can be used.

Music production nowadays is done digitally, the analog days are long gone. We now rely on DAWs and other digital equipment to help our processes therefore knowing the right digital equipment improves and changes how we go about crafting our music.

This is why Plugin Alliance will be very helpful to all music producers. Information offered on this channel will change your approach and show you various plugins that will help your general and overall process.

Final thoughts

These channels that I’ve recommended are my go to channels. Ofcourse there are many others but I wanted to create a resource that is focused on giving you value. After going through my analytics on YouTube I came to the conclusion that the channels I’ve discussed here are the ones that I watch the most.

This now gives us clarity into which channels I find the most valuable. But I should also say that there are a variety of other music production YouTube channels and as you’ll find them as you dig deeper into audio production.

The channels I’ve provided here should just be your starting point because preference always beats any sort of recommendation. Therefore start with these channels and then further look into others that will be recommended to you automatically by YouTube.

Happy learning.

The Best YouTube Channels For Music Production
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