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How Fast Do Rappers Make Songs?

Most people usually ask how fast rappers can make a song and really the perfect answer is, it depends.

Rappers can make songs in 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 1 day, a week, a month and sometimes years. It all depends on various factors.

This post will therefore discuss some of the factors that can affect how quickly a rapper can make a song.

I’ve been around a lot of recording studios and worked with numerous hip-hop artist’s so I’ll use my experience as a pillar to further elaborate on this topic.

But most rappers, on average, don’t take more than a day to make a song so that can be a great answer with regard to how fast rappers can actually make songs.


A rappers Schedule can greatly affect how long it takes them to write and make music.

If they have a crazy schedule you can be guaranteed that it will take them sometime to finish some records.

Occasion and Environment

The occasion and the setup are determining factors of how fast a rapper can make a song.

Most people do well in sessions where a lot of people are around them to pitch in, give them motivation, and inspiration.

Other rappers prefer to write alone with nobody around so they can focus solely on the task at hand and be able to recite their raps with nobody around.

Therefore Environment matters alot and is key in figuring out how fast somebody can make a song in any genre.

Most people I’ve worked with, have been both loner writers and inclusive writers.

So you could have somebody write a song in a couple of minutes due to the fact that they are present I’m a studio and can sort of vibe out in that environment.

Others find it difficult and distracting to write music in a room full of people so they choose to seclude themselves and work alone.

These people can write just as fast as somebody in a recording studio would write but their preferred environment is different.

The rapper

How fast somebody could make a rap song also depends on themselves and the kind of rapper they are.

People are different as you well know and others like to take their time when it comes to making a song….because they want to create something great and would rather sit on their ideas for a little longer so they can easily come back to them and alter them if need be.

Some people on the other hand don’t like to waste and spend a lot of time in making a song because they like to hone in on their current inspiration and mood.

As you can see in these two scenarios, the ease and quickness with which somebody can make a rap song depends on their abilities to do so.

The kind of rap

Rap music has evolved so much over the years.

And sub genres such as trap hiphop has taken centre stage and is carrying the overall hiphop sound to new heights.

The speed with which somebody can make a rap song also depends on the kind of rap music they do.

Trap hip-hop us fairly easy to make and I’ve witnessed rappers pull off and finish a 3 minute song In 30 minutes.

For the more deeper hiphop which involves a lot more technical stuff like bars, metaphors, syllables, schemes, haymakers, stories etc. It can take the rapper quite sometime to write and make a full record.

Which is why answering the question that inspired to this post revolves around “it depends” because it actually depends on a lot of factors.

Tools for rap

The quickness with which somebody can make a rap record also depends on the availability of the tools they need to make music such as a recording studio and beats.

Some rappers prefer writing to a beat rather than just writing words down with no sense of the instrumental they’ll get to record to.

Therefore if the beats and recording studio are available it can take a rapper less time to finish a record because all they need is readily available.

So this plays a huge impact in how quick somebody can make a rap song.

Tips to make rap songs faster

Below are some various tips you can use to make your rap songs quicker.

Have the beat with you

Writing to a beat according to my observations is easier to do and can make your writing time shorter. So you can try it and see how well it works for you.

Other people prefer to write without a beat, so figure out which you prefer.

Find your sweet spot

Do you write better around people?

If you do then you should focus on making your music around people preferably musicians.

This can help you tap into your creative and vibe out with your peers.

If you prefer writing and making your music alone then that’s your sweet spot.

Find a space you can write alone in and see how best and quick you can make your songs.

Hire a writer

Writers can be really helpful when it comes to making music. Even though they are frowned upon in the hiphop genre.

But you don’t have to let a writer write everything, you can use them to bounce ideas so you can write much quicker.

Final Thoughts

Rappers can make songs in 30 minutes and can take as along as a month. It depends on a lot of factors such as the rappers schedule, recording and writing preferences, type of rap etc.

How Fast Do Rappers Make Songs?
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