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Is Plugin Boutique Legit?

With its location in Brighton, Plugin boutique is one of those companies that have made a reputable name for themselves in the music production space.

It is a company that is created by the team that runs Loopmasters which is another top notch music production resource company.

Plugin boutique is 100% legitimate and they are a transparent brand that has the sole purpose of providing value to the music production community by connecting them to great value products that can aid them in their process and give them a more than satisfactory level of quality needed to make it in the music production world as a whole.

Plus they are a company that has been business for a decade now and it has

available customer ratings and reviews that you can easily find online.

What does Plugin Boutique do?

Plugin boutique is a haven where some of the best software companies

come and sell their Instruments, VST Plugins, Studio Tools to producers,

creators, DJs etc.

This is a site to visit if you’re looking for the latest software and tools for music and audio production.

Plugin boutique has made sure to include customer ratings and product

reviews of the wide variety of products on their platform.

You’ll find a wealth of blog content and video content of such reviews which

can allow you to compare and contrast between products and pick out the

particular ones you feel are necessary to your process.

This right here shows you just how transparent they are in giving you a good

basis for you to make your purchase decisions.

Furthermore, they have a virtual cash scheme that is ready for anyone that

makes a purchase.

This virtual cash scheme earns you a 5% on future purchases that you make

on Plugin Boutique,

pretty sweet, right?

All you have to do to purchase the various tools available is sign up on their website.

Once this is done you can easily find alerts to new versions of software and other purchases on your profile area.

This saves you a great deal of time because you have to independently to go to each software creator website to look for updates and upgrades.

You’ll find this very useful once you have a great plugin portfolio.

Plugin Boutique History

Plugin boutique is a website that was developed in 2011 by the team that is

also the creator of the famous music production resource company called


Loopmasters is known worldwide as a reputable company that has

continued to offer massive value to the music production community,

offering only the best loops and samples.

Furthermore great customer service is one of the great attributes that comes

with the Loopmasters therefore you’re assured to get the same service with

Plugin Boutique.

Why you should use Plugin boutique

If you’re on the fence about signing up and purchasing from Plugin Boutique,

you need not worry about their legitimacy.

They are a very transparent company with contact details available on their platform.

Plugin Boutique is an advantage to audio producers and other creators

because they offer plugins from a variety of companies with prices ranging

from a couple of bucks to much higher prices.

You’ll also find great discounts on this platform which is an advantage if you intend to purchase a variety of products.

Can I trust Plugin Boutique?

Plugin boutique is a reputable company that works with a variety of software production company’s, offering transparency and a haven for all creators.

Their legitimacy has allowed them to be on one of the top resources in the world.

They are a trustworthy well known brand.

Is Plugin Boutique Safe?

Plugin boutique partners with software companies to sell their products on the Plugin Boutique website which makes them 100% safe,

because you’re basically purchasing products from an intermediary that has a solid partnership with the Creators of the products.

Where Can I Buy Cheap Plugins?

The first place i would advise anybody to look for affordable plugins is Plugin Boutique.

The second place is Sweet Water, they have an outstanding reputation and are as legitimate as they come.

You can also checkout loopmasters for a good deal on plugins. Furthermore places like Arturia and Native instruments can also be a great source of cheap and affordable plugins for DAW(s).

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Is Plugin Boutique Legit?

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