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Is Using Synth Presets Cheating?

Using stuff like melody loops and dum loops is something that stirs up quiet the controversial conversations in music production.

On one hand, you have music producers that talk down on the use of things like loops in the creation of beats…on the other hand you have music producers that cherish and appreciate the use of things like loops and presets.

Of course, it all comes down to preference. What works for you should be the only thing that you pursue and follow through with. Because if you listen to different views and try to adapt to both.

It will be very difficult for you.

A question that I came across recently is : “is using synth presets cheating?”

This is a controversial topic among music producers and I thought it would make for a great article since this topic is one that I’ve discussed with different people, all with different views and different perspectives.

With that said, is using synth presets cheating?

Using synth presets is not cheating because you still have to compose your own music even when you use them. Additionally, using the right synth presets will make your compositions unique and sound good which is what we are all looking for at the end of the day.

Why using synth presets is not cheating

Below are some reasons why actually using synth presets shouldn’t be considered cheating.

Everyone uses synth presets

Whether knowingly or unknowingly you have most likely used synth presets before. Today’s beat making software relies on the use of digital tools that emulate physical real instruments.

Digital plugins and instruments come with presets which are simply sounds that are pre made or preprogrammed to sound a certain way so they can be utilized by the user.

If you have any synth instrument or use any form of synth whether Digital or analog, every sound on that piece of gear is a preset.

Most synth instruments are designed using the synth parameters themselves so the process that independent sound designers use to make extra sound patches is the same process that synth manufacturers go through to create sounds.

Synth presets make work easier

Saying the use of presets is cheating doesn’t even make sense and it’s one of those controversial topics that you should pay no mind to.

I’ve relied on the use of synth presets for over a decade and most producers have relied on them for more than a decade.

That in itself should show you the importance of synths in the creation of music.

Perhaps the most important thing I’ve discovered by using synth presets is that they make the process of beat making much easier which makes it easier to create without having to do a lot of tweaking to sounds.

You still have to compose music

People make it seem like the use of synth presets is a crime and should be something that should be avoided.

But the truth is, synth presets are great for having a bunch of cool new sounds that you can introduce in your library of sounds and use.

But even with these cool sounds from synth presets the fact remains you still have to compose with them.

If you can’t compose well, then even the most slick sounding presets won’t help you.

This is one of the reasons why I consider the use of synth presets as fair game and not cheating.

Advantages of using synth presets

Let’s look at some advantages that come with the use of synth presets.

Availability of sounds

Synth presets are available on most digital instruments and analog ones like say, synthesizers.

Which means, you’ll have a lot of sounds available for you to use.

One of the great ways to make music and avoid things like beat block is having a good number of sounds from which you can pick.

This allows you to experiment with various sounds without being short on sounds to pick from

It also gives you the ability to experiment with lot of presets which can make creativity within reach and literally at your finger tips.

You get to see the tweaked parameters

On instruments like synths, sounds are usually designed from scratch and the parameters used to design them are knows that are on the digital or analog instrument itself.

This allows you to have a behind the scenes look of the parameters that are tweaked in order to create certain sounds.

You can also move the parameters around and see the effect they have on the resulting sound.

This is very important in purposes of experimentation because it allows the user to have unlimited control of the sounds.

Your music can sound professional

One other advantage of using synth presets is that they allow you to sound a lot more professional, especially if you utilze the right ones.

Therefore, your task is simply to find the right ones that sound good and can allow you to create good sounding compositions without worrying about quality.

Is Using Synth Presets Cheating?
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