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What Is The Easiest Genre to Produce?

When looking to get into music production, picking a genre can be challenging.

What most people will generally look for is a genre that is easy to grasp and even easier to produce.

This then leaves the question, which genre is the easiest to produce?

Hip-hop is the easiest genre to produce. It is less complicated and doesn’t demand a high level of musical technicality. The genre is known for it’s heavy use of samples, chops and speech-like vocals making it a very beginner-friendly genre because you could literally chop up bits of songs to create a hiphop record.

Furthermore, hip-hop is a genre that has greatly utilized technology from the get go.

This has then made it the go to genre for producers that rely heavily on virtual music production.

A brief background of hiphop

Hiphop is an African american genre that was born out of the ghettos of the USA.

Most people couldn’t afford instruments, therefore loops, breaks and beats became the main theme for hiphop.

Later on, music producers started employing the use of digital sampling which involved looping of various genres of music and layering some hiphop drums underneath them to make instrumentals.

Hiphop instrumentals are called beats, their composers are programmers, beat makers or song writers.

In this genre, the composer of the instrumental usually also functions as the producer of the song.

What Makes Hip-Hop Easy To Produce?

Sample use

Hiphop is one of the easiest genres to produce because of its use of samples.

A sample is basically a piece of another person’s music that used in the creation of a song.

Sampling usually requires very few musical additions to make the beat.

For example, a sample may be chopped up and then layered with drums and that could be all that is needed for a beat.

This therefore makes it easy to produce.

Other genres will utilize a variety of other instruments and will rely on them for the complete composition.


Hip-hop production is one genre that is fortunate to have so many resources to learn from online.

On platforms like YouTube, most music production tutorials are based around the hip-hop genre,

this reason makes hip-hop the go-to genre for new people looking to get involved in music production,

because there are teachers everywhere and you can find them by easily running a search on YouTube or Google.

Sample kits

Sample kits and loop kits have become an integral part of the hip-hop production scene, but this has also made it a genre that is easy to produce.

Loop kits are musical compositions created by producers that are then sold or given out for free to other producers and content creators.

These loop kits contain melodic loops, drum loops, sample loops and so on.

A music producer can easily drag and drop a loop,

layer some drums underneath and be done with the beat pretty much quickly.

The availability of loops makes hip-hop an entry level genre into music production.

Learn more about the difference between a loop and a sample

Less live instrumentation

Hiphop music relies heavily on technology and is one of the genres that uses less live instrumentation.

This makes it a beginner-friendly genre that doesn’t call upon a lot of musical expertise from the producer.

Some hiphop songs will involve a little live instrumentation,

but the majority of the hip-hop music being produced today uses no live instrumentation.

One of the sub genres that has become the entry level for most hip-hop production is Trap Hiphop which is categorized by a simple melody, heavy 808’s and fast paced hi-hats.

There are many different kinds of trap beats. Therefore, Its up to you to determine what makes up a good trap beat and how well you can produce with that info in mind.

Less singing

Singing is very technical and involves expertise in its recording.

Hiphop utilizes less singing and more rapping.

Rapping is a form of music delivery that is characterized by the delivery of rhythmic speech and rhyme.

As far as sound engineering goes, handling rap vocals is much easier than handling singing vocals.

Therefore Hip-hop has become the go-to genre of most music producers.

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