Author : Chewe Kalamata

Whats More Important A Microphone Or Audio Interface?

There’s always a battle when it comes to choosing for equipment that you need right away and equipment that you can do without. It all comes down to what you wish to accomplish. This greatly determines what equipment should make the top of your shopping list and what equipment you can get along the way. […]

What Effects Make Vocals Sound Better?

When it comes to mixing and mastering vocals, it all comes down to how well you can blend different plugins together to make your song sound great. However, it could pose a challenge if you’re a newbie producer. You may be wondering what vocal effects you could use to potentially improve your vocals and make […]

Why Your Song May Sound Quiet After Exporting It

At one point another you may have encountered a song that sounded quite after you exported it out of your DAW. this is common especially if you’re a just starting out in the music production world, So why does your song sound quiet after export? The common cause of a song sounding quiet after export […]

What Should I Look For When Buying An Audio Interface?

Gear shopping is never easy, but it is inevitable if you’re in the industry of music production. So you can’t really put it off, at one point or another it’s going to come at you, therefore it’s best to develop your skills of researching gear before you even head out to a physical or online […]

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